Screenshot Survey: Crouching Foxes, Hidden Monsters

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It’s Saturday, the perfect day to finally get around to mowing the lawn, assembling that life-size replica of Optimus Prime, or beginning your six-month trek to Mordor. Or better yet, you can procrastinate all that by checking out our weekly Screenshot Survey. Every week, we check out the #screenshotsaturday hashtag on Twitter for some interesting games in progress. This week we have hellish heart monsters, adorable fox cubs, dreamscape doppelgangers, and ninja robots. Let’s dive in!


Come for the human heart monsters, stay for the tactical combat. Othercide is a horror-inspired turn-based strategy game from indie developer Lightbulb Crew. The black-and-white color scheme with splashes of crimson grabbed my interest, and the promises of a dark and twisted story with punishing gameplay held it. I’m getting a lot of Bloodborne-but-strategy vibes here, and I love that.

Othercide is expected to release in 2020.  You can check out more of the game on Steam.


Endling is a 3D side-scrolling adventure in which you play as the last fox on Earth in a world decimated by mankind. You must keep your three cubs alive as you search for a place for them to live in safety. It is an eco-focused game with problems based on real-world environmental issues. I can already tell there are going to be some feels. I am not ready.

Endling has an expected release date of 2021. You can find out more about Endling on Steam.

She Dreams Elsewhere

“Y’all ready to make some bad choices tonight?” I mean I personally am not, but you do you.

Anyway, She Dreams Elsewhere is a surreal adventure RPG from developer Studio Zevere. You play as Thalia Sullivan, an anxiety-ridden woman who wakes up in a twisted world with a murderous doppelganger out for her blood. The game strives for “a deeply personal narrative with a thematic focus on emotions, mental health and self-identity” and has received accolades from GDC, Dreamhack, and the Game Devs of Color Expo. You can learn more about She Dreams Elsewhere over on Studio Zevere’s website. It’s expected to release sometime in 2019.

Bot Gaiden

Bot Gaiden’s hand-drawn art style gives off a Saturday morning cartoon vibe that I already love. You play as ninja robots Robyu and Bytron in this 2D action platformer from developer SwordSwipe Studios. The gameplay puts an emphasis on speed and risk taking: The longer you spend on the level, the stronger the boss at the end will be, forcing you to balance between gathering the right power-ups and making quick progress.

The game is currently listed for release in 2020. You can check out more of Bot Gaiden on Steam.

What do you think of this week’s Screenshot Survey games? See anything you want to add to your wishlist? Let us know what grabbed your interest down below!

Jack Waibel

Jack Waibel is a husband, dungeon master, and lifelong gamer. He’s tapped more land cards than modern science can measure and looks forward to the day he turns 10 and can begin his Pokemon journey.

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