Screenshot Survey: Killer Goose

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Welcome back to another Screenshot Survey, where we take a look at some cool indie titles in development by designers across the globe. For the uninitiated, every Saturday, developers tweet out screenshots (or gifs) of their games using the #ScreenshotSaturday hashtag on Twitter. If you want to see more cool games you probably haven’t heard of, be sure to check out that hashtag.

This week, we have a unique ’90s-inspired FPS, a goose armed to the teeth with mechanized arms, a colorful top-down action title, and a multiplayer game about hexing your enemies! If you find any of these games of interest, you can follow the development of them by visiting the tweets below.

Exodemon Screenshot Saturday

I keep my eye on every new retro-inspired FPS that I can, but I admit that Exodemon slipped under my radar. Coming out next month, this ’90s-styled FPS looks like another unique entry in the genre. In the tweet above, we see footage from a boss that won’t make it to the final product. What will make it in the final cut are the awesome low-poly visuals and the fact that you use your hands as guns. Your hand unleashes a hail of devastating bullets as the ammo counter ticks away in a bright neon color. Hopefully you can shoot rockets out of your hand too, like Samus from Metroid.

Exodemon comes out on August 2, 2019 via Steam. You take the role of a scientist infected with an alien symbiote. The Steam page notes that there is no hand-holding, staying true to the old-school charm of ’90s FPS games like Doom or Heretic.

Mighty Goose Screenshot Survey

With the Untitled Goose Game gaining traction around the web, people seem to forget that geese are assholes. In the above gif for Mighty Goose, we see a goose armed to the teeth with robotic arms beat the pulp out of a poor, sleeping alien. I admit, this pro-goose propaganda has me interested in what else Mighty Goose has to offer, especially since you can use those robotic arms to shoot bombs and blast aliens and bug-like creatures to oblivion.

Mighty Goose is developed by Richard Lems, who currently has a Patreon page to help him develop the game. We see a few more screenshots of Mighty Goose, with our feathered protagonist taking on droves of bad guys. Lems describes it as “an epic run & gun style arcade shooter,” so if that sounds like a game you’d want to play, you can consider supporting him via his Patreon.

Go Go Kudamono! Screenshot Survey

Every time I see a gif or screenshot of Go Go Kudamono!, I’m left with more questions than answers. This time, I couldn’t deny featuring the game, if anything for its absurdity. I’m not sure what your crowned, blob-like protagonist will have to do with these baseball-playing dogs, but I imagine it involves hurting them very badly.

Go Go Kudamono!‘s website offers no clarification for what the game is, but that makes it even more interesting to me. In several gifs via Game Designer Willem Rosenthal’s Twitter feed, we see our player character fighting dinosaurs with fire and slashing moves, taking on dog police officers, and other extremely goofy and outrageous enemies. If you want to follow Go Go Kudamono!‘s development, sign up for the newsletter on the game’s official website.

Little Hellions Screenshot Survey

I love a good multiplayer game that encourages mayhem, and Little Hellions appears to encourage madness. In Little Hellions, up to four players go head-to-head in a 2D arena. The objective is to hex the other opponent into various environmental hazards. Hexing opponents switches your location with theirs, so I imagine Little Hellions is a game that encourages high risks and high rewards. In the gif above, we see several poor hexers fall victim to a dangerous, spiked-up wall.

Little Hellions is developed by Canadian studio Schadenfreude and published by Violet Games. While there is no release date or platform information yet, Little Hellions looks like a game that will be a lot of fun for a group of good friends, or could even support a competitive scene. To see the game in action, check out Little Hellions‘ trailer released last month.

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