Screenshot Survey: Massive Explosions, Skating Birds

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Welcome back to the best day of the week. That’s right, it’s Saturday. That means we all get to kick back, relax, and enjoy some video games. Oh, and don’t forget your weekly dose of Screenshot Survey.

Every week, we look at several games tweeted by game developers using the #screenshotsaturday hashtag on Twitter. This week, we have a slick sci-fi roguelite, desert car mayhem, and two Kickstarter games we’ve previously featured on Crowdfunding Spotlight. Let’s dive in!

Star Renegades Screenshot Survey

Gamescom is next week, which is like a second E3. You have a right to be excited, and it looks like this upcoming title Star Renegades has an announcement during the convention. Could it tease a release date? I hope so, because the more I see from Star Renegades, the more eager I get. Check out this combination of 2D pixel art and 3D environments. It looks like this game takes strategic combat to the next level by adding a great deal of depth.

Star Renegades is a roguelite RPG developed by Massive Damage, the minds behind Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander. Published by Raw Fury, in Star Renegades players lead a squad and takes on dangerous sci-fi foes; because this game features procedural generation, every run is going to offer new surprises.

Gripper Screenshot Saturday

Deserts and cars. It looks like it could be Mad Max, but this might be even better. You’re not just shooting at vehicles in Gripper, you’re using a handy dandy hand connected to your car to swing into enemies, causing wild explosions and wonderful mayhem. I hope it plays as fun as this looks, because isometric car controls can often be quite engaging.

Gripper is an upcoming story-based game where players control a car equipped with a gripper, used to swing into enemies. I was surprised to find out that it’s a story-based game with a nice theme. According to the developer’s website, it’s “a story of people learning to live with their disabilities.” I can see how this works, because in the tweet above, you are equipped with an unconventional weapon, while enemies have guns and likely even more convenient apparatuses to take you out.

Prodeus Screenshot Survey

Prodeus is clearly coming along nicely, capturing what makes old-school shooters so good: bloody, nonstop mayhem. The HUD is a nice touch, giving players the feeling that they’re in an armored suit meant for taking out demons. And I can’t get over the visuals, either. They’re so good, emulating that classic feel while retaining a nice coat of modern polish. Prodeus boasts some customization in terms of graphics by lowering the resolution or pixelation, so that should be fun to tweak when it launches later this year.

This upcoming old-school FPS is developed by Mike and Jason and published by Bounding Box Software Inc. It’s the product of a successful Kickstarter amassing over $100 thousand earlier this year. For more information on this title, take a look at our Crowdfunding Spotlight which features more insight from Prodeus‘ developers.

SkateBIRD Screenshot Survey

Tony Hawk, step aside. There’s a new bird in town, and it’s quite literally an adorable, skating bird. The wipe outs in SkateBIRD don’t look as brutal as, say, Skate, but it’s definitely way more sad. I hate to see these cute birds fall off their boards in disappointment and pain. At the same time, these little accidents are charming all the same.

SkateBIRD is another product of a highly successful Kickstarter campaign. Developed by Glass Bottom Games, you play as a bird that skates around and does some killer tricks. We also featured this game in our Crowdfunding Spotlight series, so if you’re interested in this title, take a look at our article.

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