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It’s Saturday, and that means it’s time for another Screenshot Survey. Every week, we take a look at a few cool new games in the works by game developers tweeting with #ScreenshotSaturday. For even more games you might be interested in, check out this hashtag on Twitter.

It’s just a few days before Christmas and things are getting quite festive. While you’re in the mood for giving, and if you like what you see, why not support these developers by sharing the tweet or following them on Twitter? This week, we bring giant a giant spooky cave monster, a slashy-looty adventure, a nightmarish metroidvania, and an otter with six legs.

Mythic Ocean

You heard me right when I said “otter with six legs.” This one in particular, named Amar, happens to be a god. Swimming in his domain, Amar is adorable, and I love the design of Mythic Ocean. If the goal of this game is to befriend gods, I want to be best friends with Amar.

Indeed, Mythic Ocean, developed by Paralune LLC, is an upcoming adventure title launching on Jan. 9, 2020. As I mentioned, the goal is to befriend gods, and your choices in this underwater world creates new outcomes in the narrative. You can try Mythic Ocean‘s demo prologue right now, too.

The Knightwitch

What do you get when you mix a sandwich and a knight together? Definitely not The Knightwitch. Terrible joke aside, the monster in this tweet is anything but appetizing. Blocking the way of our protagonist, I love its grotesque design and the worm thing that protrudes from it.

Developed by SuperMegaTeam, The Knightwitch is an upcoming sidescroller. The details are slim right now, but here’s a hint from the developer’s Twitter page: “Join Rayne in the search of her beloved husband after a black magic bomb has been detonated in the underground city of Dungeonidas.” It looks like players float around, blasting away at enemies in some truly beautiful environments. Look out for cave monsters!


Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge. I see that the Foregone developers are fans of the classic movie DodgeBall. This just goes to show that the lessons of Patches O’Houlihan can be applied to not just sports, but the ways of combat as well.

Foregone, developed by Big Blue Bubble, is an upcoming title exclusive to the Epic Games Store, tasking players with defeating oodles of enemies and collecting lots and lots of loot. Players will amass said loot and upgrade their skills as they unravel a narrative involving enemies called The Harrow. Spooky!

Being & Becoming

This is just one of those Tweets that makes you go “what the hell is going on?” Let’s break it down. You activate this stone coffin thing and some sort of body rises out of it. Then a spear rises and stabs into your player character, allowing your soul to possess this new body. That’s metal, man. And I have to say, they kill it with those sound effects and creepy music.

Being & Becoming is, according to the developer’s website, “an atmospheric metroidvania set in a kingdom corrupted by a Collective Dream.” Players take the role of a lucid dreamer, who can defeat the Collective Dream by taking control of spirits and using numerous unique weapons in combat. There doesn’t seem to be a release date yet, but I’m sure more details will come.

Which Screenshot Survey game is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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