Shigeru Miyamoto is First Game Developer Recognized as Person of Cultural Merit in Japan

The legendary Shigeru Miyamoto, beloved video game creator and Nintendo Creative Fellow, has been awarded (via Sankei News) the highest honor a person in the creative field can get in Japan.

Miyamoto is being named a “Person of Cultural Merit” in his home nation, an award gifted to people from the Japanese government. As the name implies, the award is the highest honor someone can receive working in a creative field. The ceremony will go off in Tokyo on November 5th.

It’s worth pointing out that Miyamoto is the first video game creator to have ever received the award, as well as the first person in the gaming industry, period.

Miyamoto said he was happy “video games are being brought to light” and that he “couldn’t do it alone”, while thanking his co-workers at Nintendo.

Alongside Miyamoto is manga creator Moto Hagio (They Were ElevenThe Poe Clan, etc, who is also being recognized as a Person of Cultural Merit.

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