Silent Hill now has an official Twitter account, followers set themselves up for disappointment

Konami has been upping Silent Hill’s social media presence, and followers of the horror game collection are getting excited. A brand new Twitter account, and a few cryptic tweets from Konami itself, has quite a lot of considering we would lastly get a considerable announcement for the enduring franchise.

Let’s begin with Konami’s tweets. On July 31, the studio put up a video of the siren sound from Silent Hill 2, together with the caption “Shut your eyes. At all times scary. Silent Hill 2 siren.”. This triggered fairly a stir, many taking it as the beginning of some promotion or different. Not the case, follow-up tweets saying it was just a few nostalgia from the social media crew watching individuals stream Dead By Daylight, and that any real information would come from an occasion, or the official Silent Hill twitter.

The web being the web, everybody then went to the official Silent Hill twitter account, which was solely began in July, anticipating an additional tease. They had been met with an advert for a t-shirt, some fanart retweets, a hyperlink to the Silent Hill comics from IDW, and a couple of screenshots from Lifeless By Daylight. The frustration rolled in like a thick fog.

Some are adamant this implies one thing, proclaiming {that a} new recreation is certainly coming, or speculating {that a} remaster of Silent Hill 2 is in growth. It’s the identical clutching at straws that occurred earlier this yr, when Hideo Kojima was teasing an announcement. Konami did remark that it was looking into ways to deliver the next Silent Hill game again in January, however that’s all we’ve definitively heard since.

An official Twitter is usually a good signal, like it was for Fable even after Microsoft shot down rumours, however it isn’t at all times indicative of something main. Provided that Silent Hill joined the Dead By Daylight roster this summer, bringing Pyramid Head, Midwich Elementary Faculty, and Cheryl Mason into the asymmetrical multiplayer game, it appears doubtless Konami simply figured it was time the collection had a social medial presence of its personal.

Nonetheless, famed Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka is preserving busy, engaged on a Cyberpunk 2077 spinoff anime for Netflix, and upcoming survival horror The Medium, which we received to see just a little extra of through the current Xbox Games Showcase.

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