So true…

So true…😭


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25 Thoughts to “So true…”

  1. Ryan Males use to be like this 🤣

  2. Austin, you waiting on me somenights

  3. Jared Sawrey both of us last night 😂

  4. Sam Keegan good thing your reliable 😉

  5. Chris Armand when that devil comes on the radio

  6. Jacob Kavanagh I imagine this is how you’ve been feeling

  7. Tamara Joseph waiting for you to come online 😂😂

  8. Tyler Tinkham loading up for gunfight then a 29gb update

  9. Yusuke Asai I’ve been waiting my whole life tbh

  10. Nathan Woolley😥 when I get your text “working tonight”

  11. Mitch Bayne every time you fall asleep on me

  12. Scott Hopkin I’m slowly playing here and there again!

  13. Mike Ellis you always do this to me

  14. Matt Leeds this is how Sam feels when you don’t log on

  15. Aymen Zebib Mohamed Yousif when you get on but can’t play because there is an update

  16. Latrell Harvey waiting for Quade to come play so he looks good

  17. Roko Gudasic more like coming on to play pro clubs but they never do

  18. Josh Drury & Zac Clewett i wait for days for you two. Never happens 😔

  19. Ethan Spink this is Tom coming back from dinner

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