Somebody’s Defeated Sekiro’s Remaining Boss And not using a Weapon

Wish to really feel insufficient in lower than three minutes? We have simply the factor for you. A Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice participant has managed to beat the sport’s remaining boss utilizing Prosthetic gadgets solely.

The gorgeous clip comes from Reddit consumer “tricky_toy” on the Sekiro subreddit, seen slightly below. The participant forgoes the Shinobi’s sword (the one predominant weapon in your entire recreation), and as a substitute opts for the Prosthetics, instruments that may be discovered and outfitted to the participant’s left arm to be used.

The primary part of the boss struggle with the notoriously tough Isshin, the Sword Saint is finished completely with the Sabimaru. That is the tough poison sword Prosthetic weapon that may chip away on the well being and stamina bar of an enemy, which is strictly what it is used for right here.

Then, the Loaded Spear is used for the second part of Isshin. After all this all would not be potential with out excellent precision parrying from the participant, who makes your entire struggle look fairly easy in two minutes and 45 seconds.

No injury runs of Isshin, the Sword Saint are nothing new, however Prosthetic-only playthroughs are on one other degree. He is undoubtedly the most difficult boss of the entire game, much more so when you think about there is a separate boss struggle with Genichiro Ashina that takes place instantly earlier than this.

Gamers who love a problem are always pushing themselves to new heights with their video games of alternative. Take a look at our feature on Resident Evil runner CarcinogenSDA for an additional participant who blasts their manner by way of boss fights with uncommon strategies.

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