Steam Will Soon Let You Play Local Multiplayer Online Via Remote Play Together

If you’ve ever wanted to play some local co-op but lacked a kindred soul in close proximity, it looks like Steam is going to fix that. A recent update sounds like it’s bringing local multiplayer online through an update to Steam’s Remote Play functionality, called “Remote Play Together.”

In lieu of an official announcement, developers have been tweeting out details and sharing emails they’ve received. “Your local multiplayer games will soon be improved with automatic support for Remote Play Together on Steam,” reads the update. “Remote Player Together is a new Steam feature that enables two or more players to enjoy local multiplayer games over the internet, together.”

The beta looks to include all local multiplayer, co-op, and split-screen games as part of its launch the week of October 21. This could include not only co-op titles, but multiplayer games, which seems especially noteworthy for fighting game players and tabletop simulators.

While various services have done similar, like PlayStation 4’s Share Play or popular online service ParSec, this immediate integration seems to require little to no developer opt-in. Depending on how seamless and smooth it is, it could be a big game-changer for developers who have wanted to include online multiplayer in games, like Supergiant Games.

We’ll see how the feature works out when it hits beta in a couple weeks. As more games offer exclusively co-op experiences, it’s nice to know I’ll have options to still play them with friends who might not live in the same zip code.

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