Street Fighter Boss Seth is Coming to Street Fighter 5 to Steal Your Moves

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You’re probably familiar with some of Street Fighter’s iconic boss characters, like Sagat and M. Bison. Seth only had Street Fighter 4 to shine, but they’ll be making their reappearance alongside the Champion Edition of Street Fighter 5 with a new look and more ways to steal your moves.

Rather than Seth’s original Street Fighter 4 look, they appear in the body of Doll Unit Zero with the remnants of their biological brain. Capcom’s blog goes into a little more detail: “You may be wondering why Seth looks somewhat different than in Street Fighter IV. In truth, Seth is more machine than human, and was never male or female to begin with.”

But like any good fighting game villain, all Seth wants is data on the most powerful fighters to become even stronger themselves. This is reflected in the first of their V-Skills, Tanden Engine; essentially, Seth can use this to steal special moves for a one-time use from their opponent. Catch Chun-Li off-guard and you can take Lightning Legs, while Sagat will relinquish a single use of Tiger Knee. Seth is basically Kirby now.

If stealing moves isn’t your style, you can use Tanden Booster to buff up Seth’s own special moves, while their V-Triggers either open up new combo opportunities or provide set-ups using Seth’s energy sphere. Tanden Destruction, Seth’s Critical Art, can even be powered up by their first V-Trigger to an even more powerful attack, much like Necalli’s Critical Art.

Seth is the 40th addition to the Street Fighter 5 roster, rounding out the lineup on February 14, 2020 with the launch of Champion Edition, a version of the game that rounds out almost every piece of DLC and content so far. While it’s a little disappointing other fighters won’t be returning to Street Fighter for this iteration (shoutouts to my fellow forlorn Makoto fans), the final roster of Street Fighter 5 has managed a pretty interesting balance between new combatants and familiar faces.

Though it had quite the rocky start, Street Fighter 5 has gradually fought back and built itself into a solid addition to the series. Though Champion Edition is still a few months away, the patch featuring new V-Skills and balance changes, as well as fellow Street Fighter boss Gill, is live today. Champion Edition feels like a send-off for Street Fighter 5, and it looks like Seth will be the fighter to close the door and turn the lights off.

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