Super Mario Inspired Antifa Game Lets You Hurl Molotovs and Try to Overthrow “Humpel Dumpty”

Wobbly Dev have announced free-game Antifa, currently in development for Windows PC.

Describing themselves, Wobbly Dev states they are “a dues-paying member in good standing and a delegate of the Industrial Workers of the World, a global solidarity union founded in 1905. I’m working actively on 3 committees in my local branch.” With past titles including The Conquest of Bread and The Union Makes Us Stronger, their latest game is no less politically inspired.

Antifa sees you control a gas-masked wearing hero of the same name, attempting to break out of prison and overthrow “Humpel Dumpty”.

The game’s tone combined with its major villain being a thinly veiled parody of US President Donald Trump, it does pause whether this work is parody itself. Even so, evoking Antifa may leave a sour the joke, as the group have been linked to many serious acts of vandalism and assault on by-standers being falsely-accused of being fascists, racists, or Nazis.

You can find the full run-down below:

Welcome to the dictatorial commonwealth of Dumpland. It’s kind of lousy to live here for most folks.

Hey look, it’sa Antifa, the hero of our game!

You get to take control of this cute lil’ character to overthrow the regime of Dumpland and have fun at the same time.

So who runs this lousy place? Well, that would be the supreme chancellor, Humpel Dumpty.

He rules Dumpland with a tiny fist and proselytizes to the citizenry from thousands of television screens peppered through the country. Bump those screens from below and they break pretty easily.

Help Antifa break out of Prison, traverse the dangers of the SewersCountrysideCity and eventually into the belly of Dumpel Tower where you can finally defeat his silly regime.

The game is currently in development, with its first level available.

Antifa is available now for free on Windows PC (via

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