Surprise: The Wolf Among Us 2 Is Back in Production

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When Telltale Games closed last year, all of its in-production titles including the second season of The Wolf Among Us went away along with it. Since then, LCG Entertainment picked up “some” of Telltale’s catalogue and partially revived the studio, and apparently that revival includes The Wolf Among Us 2.

A short teaser for The Wolf Among Us 2 premiered at The Game Awards 2019. The sequel to Telltale’s critically acclaimed series was originally supposed to debut in 2018, got delayed to 2019, and then was canceled alongside other Telltale projects with the studio’s closure including The Walking Dead: The Final Season and a Stranger Things title.

Vice reports that the original voice actors for Bigby and Snow White are returning for the sequel, and that the title’s new development team at AdHoc includes a few employees from the old Telltale. Still, Telltale wasn’t a small studio by any measure, and it seems that some former Telltale employees are quite surprised to see The Wolf Among Us 2 rise again.


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