Tactical FPS Nine to Five Announced for PC

Redhill Games have announced Nine To Five at the Game Awards 2019.

The tactical first-person shooter is launching for Windows PC sometime in 2020. Featured above, you can view the announcement trailer for the game.

Players can sign up to the alpha now, which begins in 2020.

The game is a first person tactical shooter from developers who worked on Max Payne, Quantum Break, Arma 3, World of Tanks, and Trivial Pursuit Mobile. Set in a world where “corporations rule everything,” you play as a mercenary- something considered just another job. The game also claims to reward good tactics instead of brute force.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Are you ready to make a killing?

Nine to Five is a tactical first-person shooter where smart teamwork triumphs over brute force and reflexes. In the game’s near-future world, it’s the corporations that rule, and being a mercenary for them is just another job.

In Nine to Five, three teams of three players compete against each other over three intense rounds. Each round’s outcome influences how the next one starts, so if you want to complete the ever-changing objectives the corporations set you, you’ll need to constantly adapt your approach.

With the emphasis on outsmarting the competition rather than outgunning them, Nine to Five is a dynamic new take on tactical shooters. It gives you a chance to find your role in the team and have fun – even if you have only 15 minutes to spare.

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