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How to Learn the New Wall Lean Emote in FFXIV

[the_ad id=”19711″] Final Fantasy XIV just released another content patch this week, bring the Ishgardian Restoration and with it came a new wall lean emote. Players have looking everywhere from Party Finders to Market Boards to the Gold Saucer, and even across the new world of Norvrandt. Some are rumored to have even looked at the long abandoned PvP Vendors… Turns out the two pieces of content released at the same are related, who’d have thought? The Emote is actually one of the rewards available for helping with Ishgardian Reconstruction.…

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Nioh 2’s Beta is a Brutal Brick Wall of Difficulty

At my first 10 hours into the beta test for Nioh 2, I was ready for my well-earned temper tantrum. I am a child, and therefore, I will scream. The flailing of my arms and swearing on my lips has been a magma flow percolating beneath the mantle crust of my normally reserved state, the burst of “THE FUCK IS THIS” an eruption with, and I am not ashamed to say, some involuntarily flung saliva. And lo, I have mixed my metaphors and, to my credit, not chucked a controller…

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