TechRaptor GOG New Site Giveaway

TechRaptor and GOG have teamed up to giveaway some games to celebrate the new TechRaptor! Last week we gave away several games from GOG, and we’re back this week with more games from the leading provider of DRM-Free games.

We’re now a week into TechRaptor 3.0 and we’d love to hear your feedback more on what you’d like to see on TechRaptor – both in terms of new features for the site and content. We’re still working out some of the kinks on the back end but overall it’s been a relatively smooth transition.

Today’s giveaway features three games that we have a total of 25 copies of to giveaway: Driftland: The Magic RevivalNever Give Up, and Apsulov: End of Gods.

Also while you’re here – GOG is celebrating its 11th anniversary! If you haven’t checked it out, they have a pretty awesome sale on there when this is going live, so check out things like The Witcher 3 at 70% off, Heroes of Might and Magic (any of them through 5) at a fraction of its price, Hollow Knight and plenty more. A personal recommendation other than Witcher 3, is Gothic 2 if you haven’t played it, as it’s a lesser-known but absolutely fantastic game – albeit a bit older and highly difficult.

TechRaptor New Site Grand Reopening GOG Giveaway #2

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