The Absurdly Difficult La-Mulana Games are Finally Coming to Current-Gen Console in Early 2020

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If you like your metroidvanias to be punishingly hard and emphasize puzzle-solving… well, then you probably already like the La-Mulana series. If you’ve been holding out for the new console releases of La-Mulana 1 and 2, then your wait is nearly over: Nigoro and publishers NIS America have announced that the La-Mulana 1 and 2 bundle is coming to the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One on March 17, 2020.

Both La-Mulana games star archaeologists exploring ancient ruins filled with all manners of tricky puzzles and deadly monsters. A new trailer for the Hidden Treasures Edition bundle makes light of just how many booby traps you’ll run into in both games, but seriously—don’t go into La-Mulana 1 and 2 expecting a walk in the park. You’ll die a lot, and you’ll probably want to keep a walkthrough handy.

The version of the original La-Mulana that’s coming to consoles is the rebuilt 2011 EX version, which features 16-bit inspired graphics and was the series’ first and only foray onto consoles (the Wii) and handhelds (PS Vita) thus far. In early 2014, Nigoro started development of La-Mulana 2 with a Kickstarter campaign—it was finally launched for the PC via Steam just last year.

USgamer spoke with La-Mulana 2’s lead designer Takumi Naramura ahead of the sequel’s release. Naramura revealed that over the years of the sequel’s development, he kept wondering if Nigoro should reign in the difficulty, but came to a simple conclusion: “If we do that, it’s no longer really La-Mulana.”

There’s no word on how much the La-Mulana 1 & 2 bundle will cost on the various digital storefronts, but NIS America is selling the physical Hidden Treasures Edition for $59.99 USD. Available for each console, the collectible bundles also include an art book, 2-disc CD soundtrack, and a jigsaw puzzle.

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