The Apex Legends Community Has Special Plans for New Years Eve

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The Apex Legends community is trying to organize a special gathering to celebrate New Years Eve. The planned party will take place on the reworked Supply Ship, which has a flashy new coat of paint.

The Supply Ship in Apex Legends is decked out in a fancy gold color for the Holiday season. The post below calls for everyone to come together in peace and harmony on the ship, right before the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve, to ring in the new year together.

Everyone will of course go back to killing each other once the party is over, as the post acknowledges. Still, it’s a nice effort from the community to come together in celebration, no matter how it ends up turning out.

This isn’t actually the first instance of peaceful cooperation in Apex Legends. When Shadowfall mode launched for Halloween in October, rival players teamed up with one another to survive the hordes of the undead players together, in an effort to get to the dropship and make it out alive.

Apex Legends is fresh off winning Best Multiplayer Game from this year’s Game Awards. Elsewhere, the Holo-Day limited event has introduced a ton of new cosmetics for the Holiday season, as well as a new point-capture mode called Winter Express.

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