The best Black Friday deal on a laptop is this MacBook Air

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Black Friday is a big day for laptop buying. You’ll find plenty of great deals on Windows machines, Chromebooks, and all sorts of two-in-one tablets. but the best deal you’ll find this Black Friday is this MacBook Air for just $650.

I’m very platform-agnostic when it comes to a computer. I mostly use a Chromebook when I’m away from my desk because that’s when I’m doing the work that’s best done on a fast and light machine. But before there was such a thing as a Chromebook, I used a MacBook Air. And sometimes, I still do.

Apple makes some really high-quality stuff and its laptops are no exception. My MacBook Air has been beaten to hell and back and outside of a few scratches, it works as good as it did when it was new. And it’s not just a toy like you might hear some people say.

Maybe the best thing I can say about my MacBook Air is that it’s the only laptop I have that can run Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, and ChromeOS without any issues and it was easy to set everything up. If you’re looking for one laptop to buy this Black Friday, I think this is it. Fight me.

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[quads id=1]

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