The Early Access Period for Dreams Is Coming to an End Soon

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Early access players have been busy creating all sorts of games, movies, music, and art in Media Molecule’s Dreams for months now. Soon, Media Molecule will stop selling early access for Dreams, after which point new players will have to wait for the full release to start creating with its open-ended tools suite.

A new post from Media Molecule on the Official PlayStation Blog lists 3:59p.m. PT on Saturday, December 7 as the cut-off period for early access purchases of Dreams. After that point, anyone who has purchased the Dreams Creator Early Access version—available on the PlayStation Store for $29.99 USD—will be able to keep tinkering in Dreams until its official launch, at which time they’ll receive the full version for no additional charge.

Media Molecule adds that some of the features coming to the full release of Dreams include a control scheme that doesn’t use motion controls, more tutorials, and “Art’s Dream,” the first Media Molecule-authored piece of story content to come with the game.

That lack of Media Molecule story content, which helped anchor players and educate creators in the Little Big Planet games, hasn’t held back creators who’ve gotten their hands on Dreams. Since the closed beta period there’s been an outpouring of mindboggling art, music videos, movies, and yes, game recreations. On top of sharing their creations with the world, a few folks who spun gold out of Dreams’ toolset early on shared their advice on how to get started with USG.

On Twitter, Media Molecule has assured that all creations made during early access will roll forward to the full release. While Media Molecule hasn’t announced when the 1.0 version of Dreams will launch, on January 26, 2020 the company will hold an awards show honoring the best creations made in the early access period. If you want to make something before nominations for the awards open up, then you’ll need to get in on early access now.

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