The Final Fantasy 15 Novel Collecting Canceled DLC Has Been Delayed for English Readers

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If you’ve been holding out for the last few bits of Final Fantasy 15 to get wrapped up, it looks like that wait got a little bit longer. A novel set to wrap up all the loose ends of Final Fantasy 15, dubbed Final Fantasy 15: The Dawn of the Future, has been delayed to June 23, 2020.

Originally set to arrive in fall 2019 for North America, Dawn of the Future is already out in Japan and fans have already sussed out some of the major details. North American readers will be waiting a little bit longer, however.

The novel supposedly collects many canceled pieces of Final Fantasy 15 post-launch content into one volume, as well as Episode Ardyn, the last bit of story to come out for the game. Final Fantasy 15’s reception was very divisive and despite accruing a multiplayer mode, bonus costumes and several “Episodes” of post-launch story content planned to roll out over time, things gradually fell apart.

Over the course of a year, FF15 director Hajime Tabata announced his departure from Square Enix, and plans for content centering on Luna and other characters folded.

In spite of that, Final Fantasy 15 has managed to live on in strange ways, from a Tekken cameo to a “pocket” version of the game. Final Fantasy 15 seems to live on in the subliminal space between memorable and forgotten, or at least it will until Final Fantasy 16 gets announced.

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