The Fitbit Versa Special Edition can be yours for just $120 at Best Buy

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Fitbit’s transition from fitness trackers to smartwatches has been an exciting one to watch, and in 2018, the company released the Versa. The first Fitbit Versa is the wearable that made me believe in Fitbit’s vision of smartwatches, and it’s seeing a huge discount for Black Friday weekend.

The original Versa is still an extremely capable gadget here in late-2019, offering a robust feature set and all of the health/fitness tracking tools you could ask for. At this price for the Special Edition, it’s one of the better values we’ve seen so far.

Special discount

Fitbit Versa Special Edition

Still has plenty to offer

It may not be Fitbit’s newest smartwatch, but the Versa Special Edition continues to pack quite a punch. It offers robust fitness tracking tools, a simple design, and gets over four days of battery life on one charge. Since this is the Special Edition, the experience is furth enhanced thanks to Fitbit Pay support and an extra fabric watch band to go along with the standard silicone one.

$119.95 $199.95 $80 off

In regards to fitness tracking, the Fitbit Versa has all of your bases covered. It keeps a record of how many steps you take throughout the day, miles you’ve walked, can record your exercises, and female users get access to a powerful female health tracking platform. The touchscreen LCD display looks great, the Versa has enough waterproofing that you can take it swimming, and it can be used for over four days on a single charge.

When used as a smartwatch, the Versa shows you notifications received on your phone, can run apps from Starbucks, Uber, and Walgreens, and has a wide array of watch faces to choose from.

With this being the Special Edition, you also have access to Fitbit Pay. Similar to Google or Apple Pay, this allows you to pay for things in stores by just holding the Versa up to any card-reader that accepts NFC payments. You also get two watch bands in the box, including a standard silicone one and a classier fabric option.

The newer Versa 2 does come with even more features, such as a higher-quality display, Alexa, and slightly better battery life, but it also costs more money. If your goal is to keep costs low while still getting a feature-rich wearable, the Fitbit Versa Special Edition is a fantastic option.

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