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The Last of Us Part II Multiplayer Still Happening, Will Be A Standalone Game

We recently reported that The Last of Us Part II wouldn’t have a multiplayer mode. Speaking to USgamer, a Naughty Dog staffer and Sony both confirmed that the game would only ship with a single-player mode. However, all is not lost for Factions fans. It seems that Sony and Naughty Dog are still working on The Last of Us Part II‘s multiplayer, but not quite in the form you might expect.

Instead of shipping with the main game, the multiplayer mode for The Last of Us Part II will be a standalone experience. In a tweet, Naughty Dog says the single-player mode is “far and away the most ambitious project” it’s ever undertaken. As a result, the team decided to focus on that aspect of the game. In tandem with this decision, the focus of the multiplayer team “grew beyond an additional mode” that could comfortably be slotted in alongside the game’s single-player.

Naughty Dog says that you’ll still be able to experience the game’s intended multiplayer mode. It sounds like Naughty Dog won’t be patching the multiplayer mode into The Last of Us Part II later either. Instead, it’ll ship as a standalone game. As the tweet says, we don’t yet know how or when the multiplayer mode will manifest itself. Naughty Dog says it’s “excited to share more when [the game is] ready”. Factions fans, watch this space.

The Last of Us Part II‘s single-player campaign follows an older Ellie. After a tragic event strikes her camp, she must journey across a ruined USA to seek revenge. The first game’s Joel will return, as will many of that game’s enemy types including Clickers. If you’re interested in the game, there are several different physical versions you can check out. The Last of Us Part II launches for PlayStation 4 on February 21st, 2020.

Are you excited to see what Naughty Dog comes up with for the upcoming multiplayer game? Let us know in the comments below!

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