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Owners of the LG Velvet can rejoice as the stable build for Android 11 has finally begun to roll out to devices in Korea, which means a U.S. rollout shouldn’t be too far behind. The update began appearing over the weekend, and there’s no apparent changelog included with the update, but it’s expected to carry all of the goodies that come with Android 11 such as Chat Bubbles, improved security, and more.

The update is based on LG UX 10, up from UX 9 on previous devices like the LG Wing. That means there’s likely to be some visual changes to the UI, although those haven’t been identified. The size of the update comes it at around 2.2GB.

In December, the LG Velvet became the first and only LG smartphone to receive the Android 11 beta in Korea, which included a number of improvements and additions. According to LG, this is is the only device scheduled to receive Android 11 this quarter. With any luck, the company will push updates for more of the best LG phones like the LG Wing and V60 ThinQ by next quarter, as they are the only two flagship LG smartphones released last year.

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LG is expected to announce at least two more premium flagship smartphones this year, a traditional flagship that is likely to be a successor to the LG V60, and the LG Rollable smartphone that was teased at CES. The fate of either and/or both devices is unknown as they may face delays in the wake of the company’s alleged sale of its smartphone division.

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Prime Benefit Spotlight: Free games and in-game content

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