The Most Important Job in the West is Coming to Red Dead Online: Moonshiner

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If you’re a Red Dead Online player who’s grown a little weary of your life as a Trader, maybe wait a bit before deciding to pursue a new life in bounty hunting or treasure snooping. On December 13, Rockstar is adding a specialist Moonshiner role to the Trader progression—so, instead of lugging around pelts and meat, you’ll be able to set up a shack and start moving your hooch on the black market.

To become a Moonshiner in Red Dead Online, you’ll need to reach Rank 5 as a Trader first. At that point, your trading pal Cripps will provide an introduction to bootlegger Maggie Fike. Like the other specialist roles introduced in Red Dead Online’s Frontier Pursuits update, you’ll need to put in a little money to get your business off the ground (for a Moonshining Shack) and accompany Fike on some story missions to grow your sketchy operation into a proper speakeasy saloon.

Rockstar’s outline for the Moonshiner update doesn’t specify the price of starting your clandestine distilling business, but remember: brand-new Traders need to purchase a Butcher’s Table for 15 Gold Bars to get started. Gold Bars are Red Dead Online’s premium currency—there are ways to earn Gold in-game, but you can also purchase it with your real dollars starting at $9.99 USD for 25 Bars.

Of the roles available in Red Dead Online, it’s still possible to start one of them without dropping any Gold Bars. Players with Twitch Prime can claim a Bounty Hunter’s license for free by connecting Twitch with their Rockstar Social Club account.

If you need help deciding on which role you’d like to pursue (but c’mon, who can resist the call of moonshine?) or want to know more about Red Dead Online’s other features, our guides section for Red Dead Redemption 2 has you covered.

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