The Next Generation of Xbox is Actually Just Called Xbox

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While we got a glimpse of the Xbox Series X at The Game Awards 2019, that’s not the actual designation of the next console from Microsoft. Rather, it’s one model under the Xbox name, leaving the possibility open for more next-gen Xbox consoles under its own series.

Speaking to Business Insider, a Microsoft representative told the outlet that the name of the next Xbox is, well, Xbox.

“The name we’re carrying forward to the next generation is simply Xbox,” the representative told Business Insider.

Essentially, Xbox is a brand, and the Series designates that specific model, like a car’s make and model. In fact, this leaves the door open for more console models in the future.

“Similar to what fans have seen with previous generations, the name ‘Xbox Series X’ allows room for additional consoles in the future,” the representative told Business Insider.

This isn’t altogether strange for game consoles. The PlayStation 4 had its Pro, and the Xbox One had both the S and X models. But there aren’t any clarifiers on this generation for Xbox; it is, simply, Xbox. This might make presenting multiple console offerings a little easier, avoiding the “Wii U” issue.

Reports have circulated that Microsoft is working on two Xbox models, one that is higher power and one that’s disc-less, with a lower target for resolution. The Series designation could make Microsoft’s eerily PC-style approach to next-gen consoles a solid move, if the Series convention makes it easier to identify which box you’re buying. It’s more convenient than looking at serial numbers.

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