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The nine best Halloween events for PC games

Scary games thrive when it gets to Halloween. Dead by Daylight this, SOMA that, Man of Medan the other. Scary games are the perfect way to while away a dark evening in a scary season, and we have a list of the best Halloween games for you to sink your fangs into. But I also look forward to seeing some of my favourite games get Halloween reworks. How can you condense a scary atmosphere into a game that doesn’t ordinarily accommodate it?

These games are some of the best at celebrating the coolest of holidays in a spook-tacular fashion. From creepy character skins to new murderous modes, from lethal lore building to *checks notes* dance emot-… Wait sorry is that right? Yeah that’s definitely right, dance emotes.

If you were wondering which games celebrate Halloween or how, here’s your rundown. You might even find a few surprises – there are probably PC games in your Steam account right now that have had some sort of Halloween makeover, or are running some sort of spooky event – so even if you don’t want to go looking for new horror games to play, you can get in on the festivities. And look at that, some of them are free games too!

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