The Only Pokemon Halloween Costume that Matters is This Chonky Cat as Meowth

Halloween is over, so why not rise from your bed of candy wrappers and look back on all the cool game-related costumes fans paraded around last night? The Pokemon subreddit is packed with pictures of amazing cosplay, unsurprisingly, and it’s all great. One particular photo has run away with my heart, though: a shot of a Jesse, a James, and a very chonky Meowth whose sad eyes reflect its shattered dignity.

Redditor “MissBrightside13” posted the picture this morning with the declaration “Our Meowth was not excited to be stuck with the worst Team Rocket members for Halloween.” The photo’s “Meowth” is a delightfully rotund tabby with large toe beans and a big tummy that hangs over its owners’ arm. Though it could easily lacerate Jesse and James and put a quick end to this photo shoot, it chooses to keep its murder mittens sheathed. If you look deep in its eyes, you’ll see the reason why: its dignity has been so thoroughly pulverized that it’s lost the will to fight. It knows if it just stays perfectly still and endures the mockery, the pain will end quicker—unless its owners made it wear the “coin” on its head for the rest of the night.

Team Rocket was a very popular costume choice last night, and people trotted out all sorts of stand-ins for Meowth. There were kids and babies in costumes, stuffed dolls, and even a Sphinx cat. But this sad, chonky tabby Meowth has captured my heart in a Master Ball and run away with it.

Well, October is done and it’s time to look forward to November. Hey—new Pokemon games are coming soon! Study our Pokemon Sword and Shield guides before the games hit the Switch on November 15.

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