What are the very best god video games on PC? Whether or not you’re a beneficent deity, fastidiously managing a digital world so that everybody can reside in consolation and concord, or an agent of chaos who has gone mad with energy ever since deleting the pool ladder in The Sims 2, god video games are an effective way to flex your management games muscle groups on a cosmic scale.

The standard god sport usually costs you with supervising some hapless people, who you possibly can’t straight management, however will profit out of your benevolent oversight. You may even be capable to stage up your godly powers as your individuals worship you – let’s face it, gods are complete narcissists. Though, is it narcissism in the event you truly are a god? Regardless, because the recipient of these omnipotent ideas and prayers, you’ve received an obligation to reward the trustworthy, and punish the heretics who query your energy. Verily, god will smite the top of their enemies, or one thing alongside these strains.

There’s nothing fairly like exerting complete and full management over helpless little creatures, so with out additional ado, listed below are the very best god video games on PC.

Populous: The Starting

Spawned from the genius thoughts of Peter Molyneux, the primary Populous sport – launched on the Amiga in 1989 – primarily created the ‘god sport’ style. Its second sequel, Populous: The Starting, launched in 1998 and was the primary within the collection to be playable on PC. Whereas its predecessors’ gameplay was purely centered on guiding the trustworthy to glory and battling different gods, Populous: The Starting can be one of many best RTS games, as you possibly can challenge direct orders to your individuals.

You play as a feminine shaman, commanding a small tribe consisting of varied kinds of followers, every with totally different skills. There are three different, rival tribes in your planetary system, and your objective is to guide your individuals to superb victory over them, at which level you’re lastly capable of ascend to superb godhood.

From Mud

Hailed as a non secular successor to Populous, From Mud equally costs you with the safekeeping of a small tribe, who’ve summoned you to assist them talk with nature, and uncover what occurred to their ancestors.

Your godly essence, known as ‘The Breath’ – hopefully evoking some mystical life power, quite than referencing your garlic bread consumption – has the ability to control terrain to be able to information your individuals to totems, which unlock the secrets and techniques of their previous. Via manipulating lava, soil, and water, you possibly can collect nice orbs of earth to assist your individuals traverse the land, and stop them from perishing to tsunamis or volcanic eruptions. Type of like Moses meets The Final Airbender.

Black & White

Black & White is one other god sport from Peter Molyneux – however because the identify suggests, there are two totally different approaches you possibly can take to godhood. After being summoned by means of the ability of prayer, you work together together with your followers with a disembodied hand, throwing issues round, performing miracles, and tapping on peoples’ homes till they get up. You even have a corporeal consultant within the type of an anthropomorphic animal avatar of your selection, who you possibly can educate to carry out duties – however they’ve a thoughts of their very own, so that you’ll should spend time coaching them to do your bidding.

Your objective is to transform each village on the island to worshipping your godliness, which you’ll be able to obtain by impressing them together with your miraculous feats, or terrifying them into submission by pelting them with thunderbolts. The panorama, your temples, and even the music morph to mirror what sort of deity you select to change into. It’s additionally received a profitable sequel, in the event you’re on the lookout for much more topics to glorify you.


Reus is Dutch for ‘big’, and in the event you squint, it form of seems like Deus, which is Latin for ‘god’ – so it’s no shock that this god indie game provides you management of 4 elemental giants who can affect the planet beneath them. Every big god – ocean, forest, rock, and swamp – can create landscapes and assign sources relying on their specialisms – after which, the people transfer in and arrange store in your planet.

Nature is a fragile steadiness, nevertheless, so you possibly can’t rain down sources willy-nilly, because the people will change into too grasping and combat amongst themselves. To counter this, you’ll should encourage awe and humility in your inhabitants, or make their residence surroundings so harmful they’re too busy combating for his or her lives to combat one another.


Rimworld isn’t your typical god sport – it’s a colony administration sim the place your job is to make sure a bunch of colonists, stranded on the frontiers of area, survive for lengthy sufficient to flee the planet on a spaceship. The colonists every have random traits and expertise; you may give them directions, however there’s a robust aspect of chaos and unexpected catastrophe in Rimworld, so your colonists may disobey you and go on a fire-starting spree as a substitute.

You won’t obtain the choices, sacrifices, or songs of worship you deserve, however in essence, there are nonetheless rival deities you should deal with – Rimworld’s inbuilt storytellers, who ship waves of catastrophe at various intervals in direction of your clueless pawns.


Sick of caring for the ignorant lots? Uninterested in gently shaping the earth to assist the little people obtain well being, wealth, and happiness? Are you, maybe, additionally a sadistic monster? If torture, cruelty, and lies are your favoured strategies of inhabitants management, Ruinarch permits you to step into the massive evil cloak of a demonic overlord, on a quest to unfold distress and misfortune throughout the land.

Like Rimworld, Ruinarch is a sandbox simulation game – a narrative generator with out concrete objectives. As a substitute, it provides you a mess of merciless and strange instruments with which to terrorize the populace – you possibly can brainwash the villagers, for instance, changing them into cultists who worship you. You possibly can create necromancers, zombies, werewolves, and different horrors – or you possibly can simply dump an enormous meteor on their heads.

The Universim

It’s nonetheless in early entry, however Crytivo’s The Universim is a basic god sport, alongside the strains of Populous and Black & White. The Universim provides you the ability to form a civilization from Stone to Area Age, after which throughout the universe. You’ll must take care of your ‘nuggets’ – your residents – by making certain they’ve sufficient sources to outlive the ever altering surroundings on their randomly generated planet, and proceed to turn into a complicated society.

In the event you efficiently handle your nuggets, you earn Energy, which you’ll be able to spend on altering the world to make life simpler for them. But when they get out of hand and begin performing up, you’ll earn Wrath factors, which you should use to punish them and scare them again in line.

O nice and {powerful} one, we pray these god sport choices have been sufficient to quell your immense and horrible wrath, no less than for the remainder of the day. Maybe you’d take pleasure in making use of your massive almighty mind to some strategy games, or relaxation your all-seeing, celestial eyes with some relaxing games. Amen.

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