The Pokemon Company is Trying to Sue Whoever Leaked Sword and Shield Info

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There was no shortage of info released early about Pokemon Sword and Shield, from early Pokedex listings to full-on GIFs and videos of gameplay. Now, it looks like The Pokemon Company is trying to crack down on whoever was the cause.

The Pokemon Company is seeking to sue the people responsible for leaking Sword and Shield info, says a suit filed last Friday (via Forbes). The suit is specifically targeting the leak of info from the official strategy guide, Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield: The Official Galar Region Strategy Guide, on forums like Discord and 4chan.

The leaks in question, showing images like a Gigantamaxed Machoke, were leaked onto Discord and then disseminated across the internet. According to Forbes’ report, The Pokemon Company has identified some of the online monikers of those responsible, and is now planning to subpoena 4chan and Discord to discover who the Defendants, currently identified as John or Jane Does, are and how they gained access to this info, which the company believes happened in a 15-hour window in early November.

Forbes says The Pokemon Company is currently awaiting the court’s decision on the subpoena.

Other companies like Epic Games have started to sue leakers for breaching non-disclosure agreements, pushing back against the fervent leaks surrounding their game. Many of Galar’s coolest new Pokemon were leaked ahead of time, and it tracks that The Pokemon Company would probably want to know who was letting this info slip out.

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