The Stretchers Is a Sure Cure for Boredom

My wife and I burn through couch co-op games like a race car burns through tires. Whether it’s Overcooked, Chariot, or Cuphead, we never pass up the opportunity to irreparably damage our relationship over our inability to coordinate button presses. So when I browsed the Switch eShop and saw a game about two paramedics stuffing bodies into an ambulance, you can bet your aspirin that I hit “Purchase”. A few days later, I’m pleased to report that The Stretchers is a great addition to our library. 

The premise itself should give you a pretty good idea of what you’re in for. The cartoonishly villainous Captain Brains is afflicting the world’s residents with a nasty case of the Dizzies, and it’s up to two dorky paramedics—played by you and up to one friend—to save them one ambulance ride at a time. It’s a silly setup for an equally silly game, so if you don’t mind a villain named Captain Brains then you definitely won’t mind The Stretchers‘ corny puns, rocket-powered ambulance, and alarming abundance of sumo wrestlers.  The beach is actually the least weird place you’ll encounter sumo wrestlers. 

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