The Witcher: Total War Mod Aims to Turn Series Into Strategy Game

A new mod, Witcher: Total War, has surfaced for Medieval II: Total War, attempting to fully convert the game into a Witcher fan project.

Surfacing on Mod DB (via PC Gamer) on the 13th of December, this new fan project exists as a total conversion mod for Medieval II: Total War, seeking to add the various factions and locations from The Witcher into the game. A statement from the developers on Mod DB reads as follows:

Witcher: Total War is (or will be) a total conversion mod of the Medieval 2 Total War. The mod will let you play as your favourite factions from both the Witcher books, games and comics (and soon to be released Netflix series), taking heavy inspiration from all mediums, featuring very recognisable characters and settlements. Right now progress is slow, but people are very welcome to send me a message requesting to join the ‘team’ – anyone with 3D expertise, scripting, artists, even voice actors for the units would be welcome! Also if anyone has any questions, please pop them in the comments and I’ll get to answering whenever I can. 🙂

In an update post from the creators, it appears they plan to start out small by focusing on three playable factions, Redania, the Nilfgaardian Empire, and Novigrad. The initial map will only include Velen and Novigrad, though the team plans on expanding the regions quite a bit as they go. They hope to include 29 additional factions, as well as various Witcher schools with their own unique benefits.

When asked if there was an estimated release date, the team responded:

I’m afraid not. There are three of us, all of which have school and/or jobs, plus we wanna take our time on this as it’s a passion project, not a job.

It will likely be a while before any headway is made on the mod, but we’ll keep you posted when a playable build is made available.

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