The Witch’s Love Diary Steam Version is Now Available for Purchase

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The Witch’s Love Diary Steam version has finally arrived! This visual novel developed by Qoobrand and published by Sekai Project made its debut not too long ago and it’s now available for purchase with a 10% launch week discount — but you only have a few days to save some cash!

If you haven’t heard of Witch’s Love Diary, then you probably aren’t too deep into the visual novel scene. This particular game was developed by Qoobrand, a developer known for only one other previous release called Majo Koi NikkiWitch’s Love Diary is a newer release from the company that goes in a slightly different direction, story-wise.

In Witch’s Love Diary, you’re taking on the role of a girl named Alice who lives in a barbershop on the edge of Rose Village. Alice lives alone with her pet dog, works a part-time job at Dragon Burger, and enjoys participating in the photography club at Hekihou Academy. One day, Alice and her friends visit a clock tower where a special book literally falls into her lap. This magical book seems to be related to the people she knows in her life and has some kind of power, though Alice can’t say exactly what it is.

Featuring Japanese voice acting, routes for every main girl, and a secret ending for completionists, The Witch’s Love Diary Steam release has almost everything you’d want from an adult-oriented visual novel. The one thing it doesn’t have is an uncensored version… which is why Denpasoft has made the uncensor patch available on their site for free.

You can grab The Witch’s Love Diary Steam edition at a price of $26.99 or your regional equivalent, a 10% discount for the game’s launch week. The discount ends on August 2, 2019. You can also buy the uncensored version of the game directly from Denpasoft at the same price point.

What do you think of The Witch’s Love Diary Steam release? Are you interested in playing this game on Steam or do you prefer to get your visual novels off of another platform? Let us know in the comments below!

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