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It’s Halloween season, and the Ghost-type Pokemon are in their element. One fan is paying tribute to good old #92, Gastly, by way of some very creative pumpkin carving.

Over the weekend, artist R.J. Preston shared pictures and video of his Gastly pumpkin on his Facebook. He scooped out indentations for Gastly’s eyes and wide, fanged mouth, then painted the “body” black. Those features alone make Gastly recognizable, but the paranormal Pokemon is best known for the poisonous purple miasma that surrounds it. How do you put that on a pumpkin?

Solution: A purple smoke bomb. Preston put one in the hollowed-out ghost gourd and voila: Instant ether. If you’re thinking of imitating this art project, Preston warns the smoke bombs get pretty hot after a time, and the dyed smoke can stain certain surfaces. In other words, do not set Pumpkin Gastly anywhere near hang-out spots frequented by white cats.

Last year, Preston made a Weezing pumpkin that “drools” smoke. Looking at it makes me aware just how much the smaller Koffing attached to Weezing’s head resembles a malignant tumor.

Here’s the nice thing about Halloween: All Pokemon love to dress up! The Pokemon of Pokemon Go are dressing up as each other in the latest Halloween event, and you can snag a Pikachu dressed up as Mimikyu. If you prefer your Pokemon on consoles, brace yourself: Pokemon Sword and Shield is coming on November 15. Make sure to check out our Pokemon Sword and Shield guides for everything you need to know about your upcoming trip to the Galar region.

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