This is the best Black Friday deal you’ll find on a Chromebook today

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This Chromebook was made for teachers and businessmen, but we all can benefit from its affordable performance focus. The number pad is a useful addition that I really, really wish more 14-inch Chromebooks had it, but I’m glad it’s becoming a mainstay on 15-inch models. This model has a USB-C port on either side of the machine, with one USB-A port for older peripherals and one microSD card slot in case you need to expand the 128GB storage that comes in the laptop.

Chromebooks with 128GB of storage aren’t common, and seeing it here warms my heart, especially when I remember that Chromebooks support the Disney+ Android app, so you can download a whole lot of Disney movies on the Acer 715 to watch then the network goes down — or when the power goes out in these snowy winters. The 715’s battery should last through at least 4 Disney movies before it’ll need a recharge, which should hopefully last you through the day as you wait for crews to get out and get the lines back up.

If there are any downsides to the 715, it’s the same downside most 15.6-inch laptops have: it’s too heavy to carry around all day every day. Weighing in at 4 pounds, the Acer 715 is what I lovingly call a LINO: Laptop In Name Only. While you can haul it out with you on vacation to watch videos during your cross-country flight, the 715 is more suited to living on your office desk or on the dining room table at home. Considering that you’re getting an 15.6-inch touchscreen laptop with almost six years of support ahead of it for $300, I really don’t see how you could top this Black Friday deal.

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