This Witcher Three mod lets Yennefer barge her method into Geralt’s intercourse scenes

Relying on the way you play him, Geralt of The Witcher 3 will get about. It appears lots of the sorceresses and feminine people of the RPG game’s sprawling open world merely can’t resist the monster slayer’s rugged charms, and there are many alternatives for steamy scenes. Nonetheless, there’s now a solution to chart a extra monogamous path by way of the sport, due to a mod that ejects his numerous lovers from their intercourse scenes and pops Yennefer into their place.

Julia Barcelos’s ‘Swap principal romances to Yennefer’ mod boots out the massive names from Geralt’s numerous quest-related romps over the course of the sport, corresponding to Yen’s major rival for the Witcher’s affections, Triss Merigold. It additionally ejects Skelliger Jutta an Dimun, sorceress Keira Metz, and Madame Sasha, in addition to Shani from the open-world game’s Hearts of Stone enlargement and Syanna from the Blood and Wine enlargement – all in favour of Geralt’s real love, Yen, as a substitute. Yeah, I mentioned it.

The modder says that the mod replaces character fashions with Yennefer in quest-related romantic encounters solely, so any grubby journeys Geralt takes to a brothel will seem as regular, and there’s no nudity, both – Yen sports activities her lingerie, as a substitute.

Whereas the mod is likely to be somewhat off-piste by way of The Witcher 3’s narrative canon, making Yennefer pop up in all types of scenes and moments she’s not technically in, it feels like a wonderful possibility for many who fall down on the raven-haired sorceress’ facet within the everlasting Yen versus Triss debate.

Should you’d wish to supplant Geralt’s numerous lovers with Yennefer, head to Nexus Mods here to seize Julia Barcelos’ creation. As ever, mod at your personal threat! And make certain to try our rundown of the best Witcher 3 mods on the market for those who’d wish to tinker together with your recreation some extra.

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