THQ Accidentally Rolls Out Unfinished Darksiders 3 DLC

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Someone at THQ – or maybe even a team of people – is kicking themselves right now. The company accidentally rolled out Darksiders 3‘s second DLC expansion to some players before it was ready to go.

The expansion, titled “Keepers of the Void”, is due out today. On Reddit, user Dragonfire9000 (a Season Pass holder for Darksiders 3) claims their Xbox automatically downloaded Keepers of the Void. However, the expansion launched with no new achievements, some clearly unfinished assets, and floating placeholder text reading “START POINT FOR DLC2” at the beginning. A second Reddit user, scotchguy77, experienced a similar thing. This user says they were able to beat the first boss before the expansion “got glitchy”.

dragonfire9000 darksiders 3 unfinished dlc

Darksiders 3’s Keepers of the Void expansion launched accidentally in an unfinished state.

Developer Gunfire Games responded to the event on Reddit. The studio says that what Dragonfire9000 experienced is the “state of the dlc2 content that was in there when we shipped ng+”. Gunfire recommends you don’t play the unfinished expansion as it might mess up your save files. Both Reddit users were playing on Xbox consoles, so it’s entirely possible this issue is Xbox-only. Still, if you don’t see the full Keepers of the Void expansion available to download, it’s wise to stay away from it until the issue is fixed.

Darksiders 3 launched back in November last year for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game follows Horseman of the Apocalypse Fury as she attempts to find the Seven Deadly Sins. The first expansion for Darksiders 3, The Crucible, came out in February this year. The second, Keepers of the Void, is due out today. Make sure you’re downloading the full expansion rather than an unfinished version as it could damage your save files.

Have you experienced any issues with Keepers of the Void? Let us know in the comments below!

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