Throwback 3D Platformer Effie Shield-Surfs Its Way To PC In January

3D platformer Effie is coming to PC via Steam next January after the game was originally released as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. It launched for that console earlier this year under the PlayStation Talents initiative.

Startup accelerator Lanzadera is handling porting work on Effie. Lanzadera is part of the Spanish Marina de Empresas entrepreneurship hub. The game revolves around Galand, a man who’s been cursed with premature old age. Galand must find his way through the fantasy world of Oblena in order to break his curse and bring down the witch who cursed him. You can check out the PlayStation 4 trailer for Effie below:

Gameplay-wise, Effie‘s developer Inverge Studios describes it as “a classic 3D platformer that combines combat, adventure, platforming, and puzzles”. It’s a deliberate homage to the glory days of 1990s 3D platformers. The devs say they have fond memories of classic 3D platformers and wanted to bring that feeling to bear on a modern game. You’ll explore a massive fantasy world, solve complex puzzles, and dispatch legions of enemies along your journey.

Effie‘s most unique and interesting mechanic is Runestone, the magical shield that accompanies Galand on his journey. You can use Runestone in combat, but it’s also essential if you want to solve the game’s many puzzles. You can also use the shield as a vehicle, allowing Galand to travel around his world with lightning speed. If you like Ratchet and Clank, A Hat in Time, or Crash Bandicoot (all influences listed on the game’s official Steam page) then you’re bound to like Effie.

You can grab Effie for PC via Steam on January 28th, 2020. The game’s also available on PlayStation 4 right now. As far as we know, the PlayStation 4 and PC versions will be identical; no bonus content or extra stages here.

Will you be checking out Effie on PC? Let us know in the comments below!

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