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Trivia Quiz: Yummy 2

Braingle’s Every day Trivia Quiz for Jan 17, 2023

An Leisure > Meals and Drink Quiz : Are you able to guess what meals merchandise every “jingle” or slogan was made for?

1. What product model was this jingle made for: "______ makes the perfect"?
2. What gum was this jingle made for: "Kiss just a little longer, maintain tight just a little longer, keep shut just a little longer, longer with ____ ____"?
3. On this jingle, "Oh you want Fluff, Fluff, Fluff to make a Fluffernutter!" What’s a "Fluffernutter"?
4. What snack was this jingle made for: "What would you do for a ______ bar"?
5. What espresso was this jingle made for: "The most effective a part of waking up is _________ in your cup"?
6. What sandwich place desires you to "eat contemporary"?
7. Within the US, what snack was this slogan made for: "When you pop, the enjoyable do not cease"?
8. End this line from a well-liked breakfast meals: "Leggo my ______."
9. What cereal was this jingle made for: "Present ’em you are a tiger, present ’em what you are able to do, the style of Tony’s _________, brings out the tiger in you, in you"?
10. What sweet was this jingle made for: "It is all within the combine"?

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