Ubisoft is testing reworks of Rainbow Six Siege’s Glaz, Castle, Fuze, and… Tachanka

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There are over 50 operators in Rainbow Six Siege, comprised of elite soldiers from pretty much every corner of the globe. However, not every operator was created equal, and despite some tweaks and changes, some operators are less ‘best of the best’ and more ‘best of the rest’.

We spoke to Rainbow Six Siege game designer Emilien Lemet at the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League finals in Tokoname, Japan, and discussed some of the operators the team at Ubisoft Montreal are keen to change, and why the game’s balance is in a much better place than it was last year.

“We’ll never be happy with where the game is at” Lemet tells us, with a smile. “We’re perfectionists and we’ll always be perfectionists. However, we’re much happier with where we’re at now.” Now, he says, the game is in a place where most operators are about equal, with a few that are slightly underpowered. But who?

“There’s a few of them, depending on your level of play.” he says. “Glaz is an obvious choice, and our tweak to his fire rate is the first step of working out how we’re going to address him.”

“Elsewhere, Castle is a guy that’s great in the pro league and in a very organised team, but he doesn’t really have a space in the lower levels of play. Fuze is another one that’s not in a great spot, and rarely seems higher level play.

“Then of course, we have Tachanka…” Lemet says, trailing off. The Russian operators pointlessness – a defender tied to a specific place in a game dictated by smart rotations and positioning, hasn’t been lost on Ubisoft Montreal or the community. A playful meme has been created about how rubbish he is, too, which has previously seen the voice actor himself show up at Rainbow Six Siege tournaments to interact with fans.

While there’s no timeframe, Lemet claims that the team are testing out several different reworks to these and a number of other operators.

“As the game evolves, we’re keen to evolve with it.” Lemet explains. “And that could involve reworks to operators we’ve already seen, or dramatic changes to operators that have previously been popular, but pushed out by newer content.”

Ubisoft has revealed new operator Kali, whose powerful sniper rifle can push through multiple surfaces at once, and has revised the game’s bullet penetration as a result. Kali arrives as part of new operation Shifting Tides, which hits Rainbow Six’s test server on November 11 for all PC players. Here’s everything we know about the full Shifting Tides release date, too.

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