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A cornerstone of success in Iron Gate Studio’s burgeoning viking survival game, Valheim, is a balanced diet. Your health and stamina increases based on what you’ve eaten, alongside other factors. It’s a good idea to expand your culinary repertoire so that you can maintain a large health bar when planning to take on tougher enemies or go on an expedition. This guide will help you find a Queen Bee and start making your own honey.

At first, you’ll mostly be eating mushrooms, berries and boar meat roasted over a campfire. Hey, I’m not judging – we all had to start somewhere. As you progress, you’ll gradually discover new things to eat. As a rule, the rarer a foodstuff or more effort it takes to collect, the more effective it’ll be. That brings us to honey, which is both rare and tricky to get. It increases both your base Health and base Stamina by 20, as well as restoring a hefty five Health per tick for 300 seconds.

“When you go after honey with a balloon, the great thing is to not let the bees know you’re coming.”
—Winnie the Pooh

How to Find Bees

Luckily for the enterprising Viking explorers amongst, you can acquire honey almost immediately, although it’s difficult to find. As with real life (whatever that is), you get honey in Valheim from beehives.

Queen Bee and Beehives in Valheim screenshot

Head out into the Meadows, the first biome you encounter, and keep an eye out for abandoned buildings. Occasionally, wooden shacks and huts will have a beehive attached. Make sure you have sound on as the buzzing is pretty loud and is the best indication that a hive is nearby.

The first thing to do is destroy the nest. A bow is your best bet because the bees will attack you if you get too close.

You Can Call Me Queen Bee

Sometimes a bit of honey will drop from the shattered hive but what you’re really looking out for is a Queen Bee. This is a unique item that, when acquired, will convey the ability to build beehives. Alongside the Queen Bee, you’ll need a workbench and 10 wood.

“Smash a hive and you can feed yourself for a day. Teach yourself how to make a beehive and you can feed yourself for a lifetime.”
Viking proverb

Don’t just plonk your hives anywhere, they need open space to thrive. You can check on the bees to get an update on their condition, which will give an indication of whether they will produce honey. You’ll want it to read ‘The bees are happy’ during the day. They produce up to four pieces of honey at a time per hive, with one piece produced roughly every 20 minutes. Empty the honey and they’ll carry on producing. Rinse and repeat for all the delicious honey you can stomach.

Another thing to bear in mind is that hives will draw aggro from nearby mobs. Unless you want Greydwarves smashing your hives to bits, you might want to put a fence or wall around your bees to keep them safe.

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Prime Benefit Spotlight: Free games and in-game content

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