Valorant tier checklist: one of the best brokers for ranked

Our Valorant tier checklist isn’t for the best elo or solo-queue heroes, as a substitute we’re rating the entire Valorant characters primarily based on their potential effectiveness within the common ranked match. We all the time counsel taking part in with no less than two or three mates so you’ll be able to really string some strats collectively, therefore why you gained’t spot hard-carry brokers like Reyna close to the highest of our checklist.

This tier checklist additionally takes the present meta into consideration, so whereas some brokers are very highly effective on paper, you’ll discover their skills onerous to make use of in ranked due to how most group’s usually play. Utility is crucial in Valorant and might make the distinction between securing a plant and getting trapped in spawn, so smokes, delaying utility, and corner-clearing flashes are usually what separate S-tier from C-tier. Something that counters Operator performs is nice in our books.

In case your group is making an attempt to determine what comp they need to be working in ranked then hopefully our Valorant tier checklist will provide help to out. We’ve accomplished our analysis tuning into professional streams and dying numerous occasions over in ranked play so that you don’t must.

S tier


Valorant’s solely healer is a completely important decide at practically all ranges of the sport, even professional video games. Her rez ult is arguably the strongest final potential within the recreation and might drastically remodel the course of a spherical, however it’s her customary orb and two delaying skills that make Sage so efficient. She will be able to single-handedly gradual a push onto web site, permitting you to rotate further help. Her therapeutic orb means she’s a surprisingly efficient fragger, too, as she will return to max well being after securing her first kill – the heal orb makes an enormous distinction for pistol and eco rounds as nicely.

Paired with some deadly gear like Raze’s grenades, Sage’s gradual orbs can successfully assure a kill. The wall potential is nice for stopping a rush in its tracks, however it may also be used to raise teammates and grant your group some further angles.


Brimstone is likely to be a boring agent to play however no person opens up the attacking playbook fairly like him. Having the ability to drop long-lasting smokes with out line of sight, proper initially of the spherical, is unparalleled in relation to dashing onto web site. This utility apart, Brimstone’s molotov can also be extremely highly effective for denying crops or stopping defenders from defusing the spike – it’s excessive harm and space of impact can eat up sufficient time so that you can rotate to a unique approach or shut out the tense remaining seconds of a spherical. Likewise, Brimstone’s ult is a really efficient technique of clearing out chokepoints and protecting defenders away from the spike.

The one detrimental is the Stim Beacon, which grants an virtually imperceptible fireplace charge buff, however you’ll be able to merely not purchase it, or throw it down as a bluff.

A tier


Raze will get numerous flack for being too easy and solely helpful for choosing up low-cost frags along with her Paint Shells cluster grenades and rocket ult. Nonetheless, she’s one of many strongest brokers for delaying in Valorant. Her Paint Shells can utterly cease a rush, leaving the enemy stranded within the open, they are often thrown quick to purchase you sufficient time to tug again, and on assault they’re very highly effective at clearing out nook angles whereas pushing onto web site.

Raze’s Increase Bot is great for intel-gathering and corner-clearing, and it may be used merely as a distraction to help you swing out and get a shot off. An ideal instance of that is when pushing hookah on Bind the place a well-placed Increase Bot can filter each left-hand corners.

Raze’s most undervalued piece of utility nevertheless, is her Blast Packs. These joyously versatile satchels will be thrown and detonated for a spread of outcomes. The obvious is you can throw these down and use them to raise to a better place or to shortly push or escape an enemy – that is usually used with Raze’s ult to achieve imaginative and prescient on a web site earlier than firing a rocket. Nonetheless, excessive elo gamers are additionally utilizing Blast Packs as mini grenades to flush out any nook campers.


Omen’s potential to maneuver across the battlefield with out being noticed and feint strikes isn’t essentially he’s biggest energy. As a substitute, it’s his combination of flashes and smokes that make him Omen such a flexible aggressor. Whereas Paranoia is without doubt one of the weaker flashes in Valorant, it nonetheless provides your group a fast and direct technique of pushing a chokepoint, and as Omen can lay down smokes as nicely he’s excellent for clutching out rounds. These smokes are particularly useful on protection as they are often elevated and positioned inside partitions to permit one-way view factors, so you’ll be able to see the enemy’s toes earlier than they will see you.

At excessive elo Omen’s teleport ult is extra helpful as a recon instrument as most good groups will be capable of find you and lure you in place. The usual teleport is extra helpful, and is nice for tricking opponents into peeking the incorrect angle or losing utility.


Sova is a pure reconnaissance agent, though his final is useful for some free kills. In the correct palms, and with a reminiscence financial institution of Recon Bolt lineups, you may get a learn on what number of enemies are stacked up on a sure web site. His Shock Bolts are helpful for clearing out traps, chipping enemies with harm, and halting pushes, and his Owl Drone can be utilized as a follow-up to the Recon Bolt to achieve intel on any areas the bolt couldn’t see. All of this makes Sova equally viable on assault and protection, and one of the best agent within the recreation for supporting a push onto web site.

Lastly, there’s Sova’s final, which can be utilized with map pings to ship lethal blows to key map positions like heaven and window. Even in case you can’t land a kill with the three arrows, you must no less than be capable of flush the enemy out of place so your group can clear them up.

B tier


Breach’s skills are very, very highly effective, however in a meta that closely favours Operator customers, his flashes are a bit too tough to make use of throughout lengthy angles as you must set them up by way of map geometry.

Nonetheless, if you wish to push onto a web site utilizing shorter angles then Breach is just about unrivalled. His vary of deadly assaults, flashes, and disruptor skills could make life for corner-campers very disagreeable, both eliminating them outright, making them powerless while you push, or forcing them out into the open.

Breach’s package is flexible for virtually any state of affairs, and so they work nicely as each supporting skills and for direct fights. Aftershock, for instance, can be utilized to ensure a nook is evident on assault, or as a simple stalling potential when defending because it does a lot harm that gamers will all the time keep away from it.

Going again to his flashes, Breach’s Flashpoint potential is in most situations one of the best flash utility within the recreation and can present a fast however lasting flash impact that’s simple to arrange in close-quarters fights, not like Phoenix’s bending flashes. Nonetheless, it is a lot much less helpful for lengthy angles the place discovering the correct geometry isn’t all the time doable.

Breach’s Fault Line signature potential isn’t fairly a flash, however it does disorient, gradual, and even hinder the speed of fireside for any gamers caught in its space of impact. This, successfully, makes them ineffective. In some ways, it’s higher than Flashpoint, so while you roll the 2 collectively it’s simple to see why Breach is so robust at set play situations.


Cypher’s recon utility is a bit too simple to foretell and destroy, and because it’s nowhere close to as versatile as Sova’s loadout we’ve put him in B tier.

Ignoring these shortcomings, Cypher remains to be and exceptionally highly effective agent with buckets of clutch potential and the power to place some very dangerous performs collectively.

Though it’s a nuisance at low elo, the Tripwire is well Cypher’s weakest gadget as it may be simply averted by gradual strolling, presumably even offering your group with a false sense of safety. When it really works, and while you place it on the proper spot so it could possibly’t be averted, it both slows an opponent and pings their location, or it forces them to disclose their location by taking pictures it. Cypher’s final is equally ‘feast or famine’ because it depends on Cypher being close to a downed enemy, nonetheless it may be a round-saving potential if it confirms the positioning is evident so that you can plant on.

Cypher’s digicam permits him to repeatedly test again on an angle and get a learn on whether or not the other group is stacking or rotating. This may also be used aggressively to scan corners for enemies earlier than pushing onto web site, and is particularly useful for post-plant situations the place the Cypher can sit someplace secure and make requires the remainder of their group. Cypher’s cages are notably useful for aggressive play as in addition they gradual enemies transferring by way of them – they are often chained collectively so you can also make big flanks straight by way of websites.

Finally, Cypher’s skills help you rotate between websites extra confidently, secure within the data that you simply’ll know if the enemy modifications tack. He’s obtained some versatility, too so he’s removed from a nasty agent decide.


Phoenix, very like Jett, is deadly in the correct palms, however doesn’t provide fairly as a lot group play potential as our S and A-tier picks.

Phoenix’s foremost weak point is how tough his curveball flashes are to make use of. This behind flashbangs have a really predictable curve making it simple to get peaked whereas deploying them, it’s additionally very simple to overlook and blind your self, and eventually the flash solely lasts for simply over a second, making it ineffective in opposition to bigger web site pushes These are simplest when mixed with a smoke and pushing onto web site, as you’ll be able to time the flash so it solely detonates because it exits the smoke – this manner the enemy can’t predict it and shall be compelled to retreat for a few seconds.

Phoenix’s wall additionally makes him very robust, particularly on assault, because it permits him to utterly block line of sight and create a hall for the attackers to stroll on web site by way of. This can be utilized together with the flashes to stall and delay enemies so you’ll be able to safely rotate, too.

Lastly, there’s the molotov potential and Phoenix’s ult. The molotov isn’t as highly effective as Brimstone’s however it’s barely extra versatile as it may be used as a therapeutic pool for Phoenix – however it’s foremost use is to filter difficult spots and block angles off briefly. There’s arguably no stronger ult within the recreation than Phoenix’s, which provides you a free life to bulldoze the positioning with, gathering intel and generally even incomes a free kill.

C tier


There are so, so, so many optimistic arguments and issues to be stated about Reyna’s potential and toolset, however she’s additionally a ‘feast or famine’ agent, and meaning she’s solely nearly as good because the participant controlling her. Within the palms of a excessive expert participant in ranked she’s S-tier, however her uncooked utility isn’t enough to land her any increased than C-tier.

To her credit score, Reyna’s flashes are very highly effective for peaking and pushing, and her potential to chain frags collectively makes her the final word agent for clutching out rounds. Her final additionally makes her dominant in 1v1 battles, so within the palms of a stable fragger she’s a terrifying prospect.

As the entire brokers in Valorant are very nicely balanced, placing Reyna in C-tier is on no account suggesting she’s a nasty decide.


Jett is an agent for gamers who wish to rush into battle with out intel or help. One of the best Jett gamers are sharp along with her blade-throwing ult, can navigate the sector shortly, and who aren’t afraid to attempt overly formidable techniques.

Her package is all about motion: she will hover, sprint, soar into the air, and throw down clouds that obscure imaginative and prescient for a couple of seconds. Within the palms of a talented participant a Jett can zoom straight onto web site, carving up the protection and permitting the remainder of the attackers to wash up. Her dashing potential encourages taking part in in unconventional and unsafe spots, as you may get a shot off and retreat instantly. Jett’s ult invaluable within the palms of a talented aimer, particularly in case you unleash it on an eco spherical.

She doesn’t actually add a lot to a group when it comes to utility, however her potential to twist the knife when flooding a web site is unrivalled. Try our Jett guide for assist attending to grips with this agent.


Viper was initially the worst agent in Valorant, however can now be used successfully in ranked due to some buffs to her package.

Viper has a excessive ability ceiling with controller skills that usually do a fairly unhealthy job at, nicely, controlling. Most of her skills do chip harm reasonably than really killing enemies, so many gamers will merely run by way of her skills and power a good combat. Having the ability to throw her walling potential by way of geometry makes it a lot simpler to arrange and extra versatile, however it nonetheless doesn’t do sufficient to discourage enemies from simply strolling by way of it. The addition of the ‘fragile’ debuff to Viper’s Snakebite means gamers take it extra significantly, and it’s simpler on eco rounds.

Her big smoke cloud remains to be a strong potential, however solely having one means she will’t be subbed in for a Brimstone, Cypher, or Omen. It’s additionally value flagging that Viper’s ult remains to be doesn’t provide the group a lot and is simply actually valued for clutching a post-plant.

Total, devoted Viper gamers will be capable of wring some worth from her toolkit, however most of her skills are merely weaker variations of skills utilized by different brokers.

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