Victoria Miniatures to Donate Kangaroo APC Proceeds to Australian Bushfire Reduction

Victoria Miniatures is presently operating a fundraiser for Australian bushfire aid.

The miniature firm relies in Adelaide, Australia, and focuses on 28mm resin miniatures and conversion bits for wargamers and painters. Their designs are notably in style with Imperial Guard gamers trying to run some extra unique Guardsmen regiments.

Being an Australian firm, Victoria Miniatures has determined to donate $50 to the South Australian RSPCA (Royal Society for the Safety of Animals) for every Kangaroo APC package offered within the month of January. The kits offered throughout this era will embody a free hedgerow cutter attachment.

On the time of writing, Victoria Miniatures have introduced that they’ve offered 86 of the 150 Kangaroo APCs in 24 hours, elevating $4,300 for charity.



The Kangaroo APC is a 28mm resin package primarily based on the corporate’s earlier Matilda tank. It consists of three turret weapon choices (Twin Heavy Bolter, Twin Flamer, Multi Laser Cannon) and two hull gun choices (Flamer or Heavy Bolter). The package sells for $64.99. Victoria Miniatures additionally provides free worldwide delivery on orders over $100.

In case you would want to buy the Kangaroo APC, you’ll find it here. Those that want to donate on to the related charities can discover them beneath:

RSPCA South Australia, Adelaide Koala Rescue, Australian Red Cross, Wires Wildlife Rescue, SA Country Fire Service.

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