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hey what’s up guys benny here and
welcome to 25
call of duty warzone tips that you’ve
probably forgotten about
now i hope this video will either teach
you something new
or remind you of something that you’ve
stopped doing to help you get better at
the game
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every game of war zone starts with the
parachute so my first tip does as well
and that’s did you know that if you want
to travel as far as possible across the
whilst parachuting you want to actually
go sideways
now this is really useful if the game
for some reason has spawned you miles
away from your team
when you’ve come back from the gulag or
you want to try and get as far from
enemy players as possible
to loot in a certain location also make
sure in your settings to turn
auto parachute deploy off it’ll allow
you to land quicker
though you do run the risk of pancaking
this next tip
is one i cannot stress enough with
whatever mode that you’re playing on
warzone because it makes such a big
but you need to ping enemies as much as
you can
having a live ping will not only allow
you to see the exact position of an
enemy player
and where they decide to move but also
all of your teammates can
as well it’s one of the most powerful
features in the entire game
it can be harder to do with a controller
compared to mouse and keyboard
but if you’ve got an elite controller or
scuff make sure a paddle is bound to
otherwise use the bumper ping tactical
button layout to ping easier
and it will help you out so much next
remember you can survive a full of up to
13 meters
if you’re unsure of the height of the
full ping the ground below to see the
distance on the marker
if it’s higher than 13 you won’t survive
and will need to pull your parachute
and that’s one other thing only
parachute of a building if you know it’s
safe otherwise fall off the side of the
building and pull it just before you hit
the ground
and then run it’s too easy for an enemy
player to shoot you out the sky
that might be waiting for you to jump
now this is a simple tip
but it’s very important if you haven’t
already make sure you go into your
settings and change your minimap from
to square this will allow you to see a
lot more of what’s going on around you
at a quick glance and while you’re in
your settings there are two
other very important settings that
you’ll want to change firstly make sure
you’ve got contextual tap
on because this will allow you to do
things in the game so much faster
and speed is crucial in warzone then
you’ll also want to make sure that
you’ve got slide behavior
set to tap so you can slide cancel which
brings me on to my next tip for warzone
if you haven’t learn to slide cancel not
only does it help you move around the
map faster
but because of how character models work
it makes you far
harder to hit which means you’re going
to survive situations
where you’d have otherwise been killed
if you ever watch
mine or other top players movement in
warzone we’re constantly tactical
sprinting and then
slide cancelling when moving around the
map no matter the situation
and it makes a nightmare for an enemy
player that might be trying to snipe you
as you’re far less predictable so get
into the habit of slide cancelling when
playing warzone
another tip that people don’t do enough
is smashing windows to throw off other
there’s two situations where you can do
this firstly if you’re hiding inside of
a building and an
enemy team is pushing you you can smash
the glass to make the enemies
think that you’ve jumped out then if
you’re pushing a building with multiple
break a window then push to another
entrance it just makes your opponent
have to make more decisions
and the more decisions a player makes
the more likely they are to make a
which you can capitalize on my next tip
in call of duty war zone is for when you
pick up an
armor satchel in season 5.5 armor
satchels would change so that you would
also get
eight plates the first time you pick one
up so whenever you find a satchel
make sure that you drop the rest of your
plates for your teammates
or for you to pick up later as we all
know how scarce plates become
at later stages of a match but that
satchel change has definitely helped the
situation especially
when you come back from the gulag now
something i’ve been doing a lot more
recently in warzone to help improve my
is to learn jump spots around the map
that allow me to push buildings or
certain areas
where opponents don’t expect to be hit
from this allows you to get some easy
as well as helps you always maintain a
strong map position
as easily as possible for example this
jump spot at port is one of my new
as it allows you to get on the roof
without having to climb a ladder
which is normally covered by a team
holding down this position
let me know any other jump and climbing
spots that you found in the map down in
the comments below
my next tip for war zone is make sure
you’re taking advantage of the peak door
when pushing a building before a fight’s
kicked off the amount of players that
will just full-on sprint through a door
and let everyone and their grandma
know exactly where they are blows my
pushing buildings in warzone is
difficult enough so give yourself that
when you run up to a door aim down sight
and peak
it takes an extra second but can make
all the difference
next if you’ve got a self-revive don’t
always use it completely when you get
downed especially if your team
is clearly about to win the team fight
sometimes it’s worth keeping a hold of
for a future engagement but what you can
do is
almost finish your revive by getting it
to 90
of the way to completion which will
allow your teammate to raise you
almost instantly by just tapping your
body this reduces the chance of your
teammate getting
caught whilst they’re doing a full
revive something else to remember is
that loadout drops come at the exact

same time
in every single match of war zone the
first one comes in with 13 seconds left
to go before the first circle closes
and then the second one comes in with 44
seconds left
in the fifth circle before it starts
remember these times as you’ll either
get a big opportunity to get some easy
as everyone goes for their loadout or
it’ll give you the chance to gear up
also loadout drop locations are fixed
so learn the map and where loadouts are
going to drop and you can prepare
yourself the best that you can
for that loadout something else that’s
really important in warzone that’s going
to help make you a better player
is don’t keep peaking the same place in
a gun fight
mix it up so your opponent has to make
and react whenever you engage them if
you keep coming out at the exact same
place they’re just going to be
pre-aiming it
and beating you back to the lobby so
peak in different places
also remember when you’re moving around
the map have an smg
or a pistol out to move around quicker
there’s a few situations that you’ll
want to do this
when you’re rushing to get kills and
you’re pushing enemy teams
that smg movement speed is going to help
you close gaps much faster
and then when you’re trying to loot
quickly and get your teammates back into
the game
whenever i come back from the gulag for
example and go to complete a scavenger
i’ll just keep my pistol out to have
maximum movement speed
so i can complete the contract as
quickly as possible
and loot cash as fast as i can to get my
team back into the game my next tip for
warzone is use the gas to your advantage
there are two ways that you can do this
first of all by forcing enemies to run
straight at you
as you hold the circle’s edge and then
something that you can do mainly in the
final couple of circles is use the gas
to reposition
this is something that you do need to
make sure that you have a gas mask to do
properly but genuinely don’t be afraid
of the gas
if you use it correctly it can make all
the difference in winning the game
next something that a lot of players
forget or just don’t do
is make sure that they’re jump shotting
and drop shotting in gun fights
it can take a bit of time to start
forcing yourself to do it
and can at first make your aim worse but
in the long run
will make you a better player it’s just
so much harder to beat someone that’s
drop shotting
and jump shotting as it’s harder to land
your shots consistently
on an unpredictable target so get
practicing and make sure you do it
now this next tip is straight out of
vic’s handbook but c4
isn’t only used for the offensive but
you can actually use it as a short
smoke grenade to get away from an enemy
if they’ve got you pinned down
just throw it and detonate it in the
middle of the air it is very situational
and really should only be used as a last
but still it’s a handy trick to have up
your sleeve i think it’s also important
to remember
to spend your cash in warzone when you
can and one of the best things to buy at
early game is three uavs so that you can
get a vsat which reveals
every enemy player’s location on the
entire war zone map when all three uavs
are called in at the same time what i
would advise to do when you do this is
take note of where the majority of
players are on the map
especially if you’re going for high kill
games so you know what parts you’ll want
to rotate to
when you deal with the more immediate
threats in the nearby area
maybe even place a ping on the map where
the most enemies are
so you can head there next now one of my
biggest tips i can give you that i’ve
started doing a bit more recently
is called the supply run regain this is
mainly best used in trios and quads
after your team has been wiped but when
the first player of your team gets out
of the gulag they should go straight for
a supply run contract
this means that the second player can go
straight to the supply run and completes
and can then buy another teammate back
completely free
it can be a super handy way to get some
quick cash and your team back to full
it can even work at the start of a game
where one player goes for the supply run
and the other three go straight for the
buy station
and get a free self-rest to boot next if
you want to do the best that you can
warzone make sure that you’re using the
meta loadouts i cover these all the time
on the channel so if you’re still
wondering what you should use
check out one of those videos but right
now the kilo and the mp5
are two of the best guns that you can
use in the game so definitely try those
out this next tip is surprisingly missed
by a lot of people but your mini-map
actually gives you a lot of really
useful information
including the potential position of an
enemy player
red dots on the mini-map will actually
tell you what elevation
the enemy is compared to you if it’s got
a down arrow they’re below you
an up arrow they’re above and if they’re
a solid red dot
they’re on the same level this can help
you figure out where you need to push to
get the kill and it surprises me
a lot of people don’t use that
information to their advantage
something else you should be doing in
warzone if you’re playing a team mode is
prioritize collecting trophy systems and
munition boxes
over dead silence if you’ve got the
choice between the two you
almost always want to go for a munition
box because
it benefits the majority of your team
especially if you’re with good players
because munitions box doesn’t just equal
max ammo for everyone but it also means
you can get an additional 8 stuns and 8
c4s which believe me
is going to help you wipe more squads
than a single dead silence so
if you have to make the choice choose
the ammo box as players get more
skillful at war zone you also want to
start thinking more about where you call
in your loadout
how often do you get attacked at a buy
station the second you call in your
and never actually get to use it for
that reason i’ve started calling in
loadout on the top of buildings because
this means you’ll instantly have a power
position and be able to get your loadout
a lot more safely
and the final tip that i want to remind
you about is make sure that you’re using
a headset when playing warzone
being able to hear the exact direction
of enemy footsteps or gunshots clearly
is key to success and if you’re looking
at picking up a new headset
make sure to check out my partners
turtle beach whose headsets i’ve been
using for years
with the link down in the description
below but there we have it
25 simple tips that you might have
forgotten that will definitely help you
get better at war zone
take one of the videos on screen for
more warzone content and i’ll see you


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