We. The Revolution Update Adds Special Arena Mode

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Developer Polylash has detailed a brand new update to their indie game We. The Revolution.

Update 1.3.0 adds a brand new Arena mode to We. The Revolution. The Arena mode basically gives players the option to play only the in-game court cases, skipping over the family issues and strategy segments on the Paris map entirely.

“You may try to resolve each case in a different way each time – of course you still need to worry about not being lynched or called a traitor,” said the Polylash update. “There are 44 cases overall solving which will let you earn points in the world ranking! So, you may compete not only with the game itself but also with other gamers!”

The update will also be adding a Russian language option to the game, as well as deal with some bug fixes.

We. The Revolution is a strategy game that takes place during the French Revolution. Players take on the role of a judge who must carefully navigate the volatile time period by ruling on court cases involving multiple factions. They must also navigate their own personal lives by spending time with their family, and in some instances, take the fight to the field and deploy soldiers to fight for the future of France.

The game gives special attention to the historical events it is inspired by, leading to the primary focus of the gameplay being the courtroom sections. “That’s one more layer of interpretation of our game – if you dedicate your life to fighting for power, sooner or later you will see that the most precious thing you have has turned in your mind into a burden that stands between you and your goal” stated director Dawid Ciślak in a previous interview.

We. The Revolution is available now on Steam

What are your thoughts on this update? Have you tried We. The Revolution? Leave your comments below. 

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