What Was Your Favorite Reveal At The Game Awards 2019?

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As of today, it feels like 2019 is finally starting to wind to a close. The Game Awards are in the bag. There’s only really Wattam left on the release schedule. We’re free. Well, except for our Game of the Year content.

For this week’s Community Question, we’d like to gaze back to last night a night for awarding the best games of the year and a night for big reveals of what’s to come. So, what was your favorite announcement this year at The Game Awards?

The Game Awards giveth, and The Game Awards taketh away. In this case, I was looking forward to seeing more from Half-Life: Alyx—then Valve announced it’d be a no show. Still, the last reveal of the night ended up being a new Fast & Furious game, and I’m a big sucker for those movies. Will the game be all that good? Maybe not, but it already looks like it’ll be a better time than The Fate of the Furious and Hobbs and Shaw were, so I’m all in.

This admittedly wasn’t the most exciting Game Awards, was it? I’m a bit disappointed, because I generally remember enjoying myself last year. Seems like there were more fun reveals (Joker in Smash!!) and more emphasis on, you know, handing out awards versus doling them out in drive-by shout-outs. Also, the number of commercials this year was just atrocious. Ah well.

I still found a couple of reasons to get excited, and the news about Bravely Default 2 is reason number one. I’m a big fan of Bravely Default, as well as Octopath Traveler. I like the series’ cute graphics, fun script, and double-or-nothing battle system. Oh, and its music is epic.

Bravely Default was also a great title to come across on the 3DS, since it was released during the dark age that beset RPGs in the early- to- mid-’10s. Its success was a reminder that people still loved the genre, even while the industry seemed to love grey-and-brown shooters more than anything. Can’t wait to hear more about this one.

Of all the wild predictions I had, I honestly did not expect Microsoft to reveal the next Xbox at The Game Awards. It also happened so early in the night that I kept randomly remembering throughout the show that Microsoft showed off the new Xbox. That said, despite the weirdly muted reveal, it was easily the most exciting event of the whole awards show.

The other reveal that made me raise an eyebrow was that very short teaser for Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene’s next project, Prologue. Greene famously left the main PUBG team at PUBG Corp. to go work on something else a while ago, which appears to be whatever this new project Prologue is. PUBG is one of my favorite games of this decade, so I’m obviously extremely curious about whatever Greene’s up to next. The man pioneered a genre, for Christ’s sake!

So there you have it: the monolith-looking Xbox Series X was the best thing to come out of The Game Awards, second to PlayerUnknown’s Prologue. Now, where’s my Beaker DLC for Untitled Goose Game?

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