What We Need From a Ghost of Tsushima Sequel

Ghost of Tsushima is the tip of the PlayStation Four period. Sucker Punch Productions was tasked with kicking off the PlayStation Four period with Notorious: Second Son, and now we discover the developer returning for the tip. As we not far away towards the upcoming PlayStation 5, Ghost of Tsushima represents every thing about open-world video games on this era, for good and sick.

Apparently, Sucker Punch’s ode to samurai cinema is strictly what folks wished. Not solely is Ghost of Tsushima the best-selling debut of a first-party PS4 title in Japan, the sport additionally crossed 2.Four million copies bought worldwide in simply three days. That is a improbable begin for a brand new sequence, and it factors to a possible sequel for Tsushima’s protectors.

With a sequel doubtless, Editor-in-Chief Kat Bailey, Critiques Editor Mike Williams, and Guides Author Joel Franey deal with the type of Ghost of Tsushima‘s follow-up.

Jin’s journey throughout Tsushima is an exquisite factor. | Mike Williams/USG, Sony

Ought to Ghost of Tsushima get a sequel?

Mike Williams: Hell sure. I had some points with the way Ghost of Tsushima’s story played out and I might’ve preferred slightly extra gameplay ambition, however it was precisely what I wanted at this second. It is a stable, compelling open-world that allowed me to absorb an exquisite panorama, and stay out the fantasy of being a samurai and a ninja. Hell, Ghost of Tsushima was additionally a callback to the older style of Assassin’s Creed, a sort of sport that I assumed gone with the success of Murderer’s Creed Origins and Murderer’s Creed Odyssey.

Provided that and the superb gross sales begin, I would like to see a sequel for it. I do not know if I would need them to reuse the identical island or transfer to a different location although. The hints of the mainland had been tantalizing, and actually I would favor just a few extra city environments, as that is the place stealth tends to be at its finest.

Joel Franey: Most likely, although I am unable to see it being an enormous loss to tradition if it did not get one. I am not so determined to see the place Jin’s character goes (who’s?), as I’m extra intrigued in what a greater model of this identical sport would seem like. A lot of Tsushima looks like a tough draft, one thing that wanted to be refined right into a purer type. The fight has its moments, however feels a bit wonky and one-note. The stealth has some attention-grabbing concepts, however would not actually know easy methods to make the most of them. The concept of a samurai dropping honor in favor of a extra pragmatic method is a stable one, however Jin by no means actually appears to wrestle with the thought as soon as the primary couple of missions are over. The grappling hook is criminally underutilized. I am not even positive Twoshima ought to strive something new; it’d simply be sufficient to work out what it is doing with all the prevailing items.

Kat Bailey: I believe Ghost of Tsushima was a great one-off undertaking, however Sucker Punch ought to transfer on. It already feels kind of anachronistic in this generation. How dated will it really feel in 5 years? If a Ghost of Tsushima sequel has to occur, I would really like for a developer of Japanese descent to be the director, and I would really like it to lean extra towards genuine historical past than being a raw tribute to samurai films. There are many ways in which a possible sequel may very well be improved. Hopefully these enhancements will transcend enhanced fight and improved graphics.

Yuna was a standout throughout the primary marketing campaign. | Mike Williams/USG, Sony

Would you prefer to see that sequel concentrate on Jin, considered one of his supporting solid members, or a brand new character?

Mike: I have been fairly open that Jin’s story was most likely the least compelling in Ghost of Tsushima. Woman Masako is a bit older, however she nonetheless appears to have the ability to do the homicide, and Yuna was one of many extra compelling solid members over the course of the story marketing campaign. She stays on Tsushima to assist Jin take down Khotun Khan, however she in the end wished to go to mainland Japan. I say let her and observe her journey.

Alternatively, there have been really two invasions of Tsushima. This sport clearly coated the primary invasion, which was a a lot smaller military in 1274. That is the invasion the place the Mongol navy was in the end defeated by a terrific storm that rose up round them, which impressed the Divine Wind mechanic in Ghost of Tsushima. The second invasion was a lot bigger, coming in 1281. So maybe that is a great basis for the sequel, if Jin continues to be our hero.

Joel: My first impulse is to say Yuna ought to have prime billing, as she was probably the most attention-grabbing and likeable character total. I think in actuality we might get Jin through the second invasion in 1281, however that is not what I need. What I need is Yuna taking on the mantle of Ghost after Jin dies, the story of a thief-turned-legend who has way more cause to maintain the samurai and higher echelons of Japanese society at arm’s size. Even inside the first sport, Yuna was practically framed for the Ghost’s actions to be able to defend Jin’s repute. Seeing her struggling towards each an invasion and her personal society may very well be a genuinely partaking narrative, and construct into the thought of the Ghost as a real determine of the frequent folks.

Kat: So far as I am involved, Jin’s story is over. A possible sequel ought to both create somebody completely new, or hand the reins of the story over to Yuna.

The place ought to a sequel happen?

Mike: As I stated earlier than, the sport relies roughly across the first invasion of Tsushima. Maybe a sequel might happen through the second invasion, increasing from Tsushima to the close by island of Iki, and Hakata Bay in Kyushu. Which permits them to start out with the prevailing island, however broaden to some new areas.

Sucker Punch might additionally transfer ahead within the timeline. Japan is clearly taken with the world and characters they’ve created, so maybe you progress to the Sengoku Jidai, the well-known warring states interval. This permits Ghost of Tsushima to attract on extra recognizable historic figures; sure, this leans nearer to Murderer’s Creed’s territory, however screw it. Enjoying round with Oda Nobunaga or Toyotomi Hideyoshi is why I wished Ubisoft to take the Murderer’s Creed sequence to Japan within the first place. It is why I play the Samurai Warriors video games from Omega Pressure and Koei Temco. Make it occur, Sucker Punch.

I might warning with shifting too far ahead in Japanese historical past although, as you get in additional nationalistic and horrible conflicts with China and Korea that Sucker Punch ought to keep far-off from. Maybe going again to the Heian interval, with the rise of the samurai class within the first place, or the start of the Sengoku interval with the Onin Warfare could be extra satisfactory.

Joel: The plain suggestion is mainland Japan, or no less than one other main island. Tsushima is finished and dusted, and the second invasion looks like the subsequent clear step within the narrative; a much bigger assault that lasted months with quite a few battles. Alternatively, seeing the Ghost take the struggle to the Mongol Empire itself could be attention-grabbing, confronting the enemy on their residence turf or in search of to deliver down key targets that—oh wait, that is simply turning into an Murderer’s Creed sport now. I do know little or no in regards to the historical past of the interval (and actually, Tsushima ain’t helped a lot on that rating), but when I had to decide on, these really feel just like the clear paths main ahead.

Kat: An genuine location could be a great begin, and never only a bizarre mashup of various attributes of Japan. I am personally actually keen on Hokkaido and its snowy mountains, which does not actually get represented with Japanese media tending to concentrate on Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. Alternatively, it might be neat to set the story in Nagasaki, the place ships from the Netherlands and Portugal traditionally docked throughout Japan’s isolationist interval, giving it slightly little bit of a Samurai Champloo vibe. Lastly, there’s Hakone, which sits not removed from the bottom of Mt. Fuji and is crammed with stunning waterways. There are a whole lot of completely different choices, so I will simply go together with, “Something however Edo.”

By no means go full AC. | Mike Williams/USG, Sony

Ought to Sucker Punch go full Murderer’s Creed, taking the identical sport, however in numerous time durations?

Mike: A part of me needs it. A part of me needs it a lot. However in the end, no. I believe it is best for Sucker Punch to deal with this just like the Notorious video games: get two or three hits out of this idea, a warrior in historical Japan with aesthetics drawing closely on samurai movies. Maybe the transfer in the direction of different well-known Japanese conflicts, mixed with an extra use of the particular themes inherent within the movies of Akira Kurosawa, Masaki Kobayashi, Tadashi Imai, and extra would result in a a lot stronger set of sequels.

Joel: Nah, most likely not. Apart from the truth that that hole available in the market may be very a lot claimed already, Ghost of Tsushima lacks the overarching plot to glue the whole thing together, to not point out a singular promoting proposition to essentially make the thought of a long-term sequence thrilling. No, proper now Tsushima can solely promote itself on being the AC sport that Ubisoft refused to make, however begin leaping about via historical past and I think it’d simply develop into “Murderer’s Creed, however lesser.” Nonetheless, I am keen to be stunned, and seeing a brand new Ghost creeping via Aztec rainforests or 1920s Chicago speakeasies… effectively, I suppose I can consider worse issues.

Kat: Ghost of Chicago? Ghost of London? I suppose that Ghost of Tsushima is sufficient of an Murderer’s Creed knockoff as it’s that it might make sense. I do not see Sucker Punch going for it, although. Doing so would solely throw its connections to Ubisoft’s sequence into sharper aid, inviting folks to make unflattering comparisons. I would say any future Ghost sport ought to both keep on with Japanese historical past, or experience gently into the night time.

That is the place our panel of esteemed writers stand, however what about you? Are you trying ahead to a sequel for Ghost of Tsushima, and in that case, what type ought to that sequel take? Tell us what you assume within the feedback under.

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