What’s your favorite thing about Fortnite Chapter 2?

What’s your favorite thing about Fortnite Chapter 2?


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36 Thoughts to “What’s your favorite thing about Fortnite Chapter 2?”

  1. The names that I stuff up , steamy sacks and dirty socks 🤦🏽‍♀️😂🔫

  2. my favorite thing is the frame rate dropping to 17 on xbox. Hows that for competing with 240fps….impossible. I think its the new ready up for the next game…either way pretty shitty. NO its not my internet, its the game since the last update.

  3. The worst season so far, bad loot, low movility, almost 1000 bots per match. Hope season 2 brings some improvements

  4. This season needs to be done already. Have no challenges to do so the game is boring now

  5. Can actually win a few games now 😅😂

  6. That there is absolutely no mobility

  7. The fact i uninstalled it about 6 months ago

  8. Been pretty disappointed to tell the truth

  9. Nothing… absolutely nothing at all

  10. The look of it better graphics but that’s about it

  11. I can actually win a solo now and the bots man… The bots 😂

  12. Not figuring out what control settings/binds I want 🥴

  13. Not getting an update for over two months smh

  14. I love fishing, boats. Would be good if they keep adding new weapons

  15. I’m bored af now. So ready for the winter update

  16. Finishing my challenges then not playing anymore until events

  17. Everything, it’s an amazing game no matter any issues that may come up, it’s well managed, maintained apart from the odd delay with updates etc., it’s still the best Battle Royale game on the market.

  18. Am I the only one who thinks Epic need to make it so that you can send/gift V Bucks to people

  19. well the uninstall was actually made, game is just not fun anymore… or at least I’m not having fun anymore. hope you all have nice games in the future, still a solid game overall ✌️

  20. I like finding new places on the map to explore. No matter how much I play I still find something new

  21. Honestly, the game has a new feel. It got refreshed at the right time. Season 10 was ok but felt stale. There’s not much mobility which should probably be addressed. Fall damage is almost a non factor anymore. Jumping in haystacks, dumpsters, water and and swimming are all great additions. Plenty of trolls will say, bring back chapter one it was better, was it though? It was at the time, now it’s time for something new. It’s like reminiscing about the original Nintendo, then you buy the mini, it’s fun for a day or so. Then you’re thankful for the newer versions. Long story short, I’m really enjoying all of season 1. Looking forward to the storylines and cross promotions…just my 2 cents

  22. Skill based matchmaking for sure.. Love actually build battling good people in a fight..

  23. Completing the battle pass and not having to go back to the game because I dont care about loading screens.

  24. That it’s so simple now. No ridiculous vehicles to worry about (RIP baller though), or other weird throwables. It’s much easier to get a balanced load out as well. Work benches are nice too

  25. I can actually hold my own in Solo mode 😊

  26. I fucking love the unpredictability of your bloom or the random glitches and the lag!!!! Dont forget the lovely match making and the bots!!! 😍😍😍

  27. My favorite thing about this map is that it brings me memorys of the old map gunna miss the ol’ island

  28. Probably the swimming i like it but i miss the jumppadrotation so hard it is just hard to rotate without much mobility

  29. It will be when the season finishes. Over it and need a new season.

  30. Doing challenges… the last few seasons but only so much of those I feel like doing. Game just gets too sweaty…and too many builder pros or whatever. Idk just feels like people play it too seriously. Slowly stopped weeks ago

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