Who’s That Pokemon?! Sword and Shield Trailer Hides One More Pokemon?

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This morning’s Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer showed off a ton of new features for the upcoming RPG’s from Game Freak, but as always the brand new Pokemon, from the delicious looking Alcreamie to the oddball design of Duralodon. In total, fourteen Pokemon have been officially recognized by Game Freak, with a fifteenth, Impidimp, revealed thanks to the E3 2019 demo.

Today’s announcement however, had a hidden surprise in the wings. Early on the Gigantamaxing video, we see the new character of Chairman Rose throw out a Pokeball, before going into a jump cut to Alcreamie. For two split seconds, eagle-eyed fans were able to capture a glimpse of something different, a four-legged creature with it’s features completely obscured by the blinding flash of the Pokeball.

Who’s That Pokemon?

From what we can tell from the shape, this Pokemon is a four-legged creature with a reddish color to it. It’s feet have black and yellow triangles on them, almost like an elephant or pachyderm of some kind. It also sports what can either be an elephant snout with a black-tip edge, or what can possibly be a skinny arm as well, which is clearly visible while the rest of this Pokemon is obscured.

A second, close up shot before they cut away shows off the features a bit closer to the camera.

What do you think it is?

This close up picture seems to show off two extended parts, either two arms or maybe an ear on the left side. We also see what looks like a black dot on it’s left-hand side, which is visible in both screens but also contains a small section that looks yellow or white, similar to the feet. The top of this Pokemon is also a bit clearer, with a black head with what appears to be an X-shaped yellow mark across it.

As to what this Pokemon’s type or even design really is, we can only speculate, though if the coloring is red or orange, it may likely be a fire-type.

We know for sure that at least six other Pokemon are confirmed for Sword and Shield, thanks in part to the long-standing leak from 4chan, first posted on May 23rd, that confirmed a ton of information so far in the game, including character names, gameplay features such as Gigantamaxing, and the open world Wild Area.

Of the Pokemon mentioned in the leak that have not been shown yet, we have Skwovet and Greedunt, who are described as “chimpunk-like Pokémon who will hide in berry trees and attack randomly if you shake for too many berries.” We also have a “blue seagull who when it dives, either gets a barracuda in its mouth or a pikachu, which it launches at its enemy,” with the barracuda being a possible new addition, as well as naming a third legendary as “Eternatus.”

Notice the dog-like Pokemon silhouette in the background there…

Of all of these, the a squirrel-like Pokemon (possibly based on Skwovet or Greedunt) has been spotted on t-shirts and in the stands of the stadiums in-game, while a possible greyhound-looking monster, long rumored to be the evolution of Yamper, has also been seen in background shots as well, even in promotional material across the stadiums.

We still don’t know how many new creatures will be added into Sword and Shield, but one thing is for certain, that we can likely count on at least another six or seven Pokemon based on all of the background hints and confirmed rumors that have been collected thus far. As for the unnamed Pokemon in todays trailer, we will have to wait for Game Freak to give us a confirmation as to who that Pokemon really is.

What are your thoughts on all of this? What do you think that Pokemon is going to be in the end? Leave your comments below. 

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