Why is this so true?

Why is this so true? 😂


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19 Thoughts to “Why is this so true?”

  1. As a person who plays xbox, ps4, switch and PC. The pC community is far worse. Mainly because in every lobby people are steadfastly convinced that somebody is hacking.

    Dont see a lot of that on xbox and ps4.

    But again. They are all bad

  2. Racism and anger is imperative in online gaming. It’s pretty much the only time those things are ok.

  3. Jaden Rivera the first part 😭😭😭 I can already hear what he’s saying without him speaking tfseeeeee

  4. Kinda…..rude but ok. More like anger issues due to mechanics.

  5. Chris Esquivel the Xbox community is pretty toxic 😂 first day off my ps4 and on the Xbox got messaged from an angry dude 😂

  6. Will Taylor we are a pure loving gentle community ❤️

  7. Lol that’s not true l have fun all the time

  8. Needs to be rewritten as gamer community

  9. Always wonderes what happend to the boy in toy story

  10. Having moved from Xbox to PC I can say that toxicity is present, irrelevant of which system you use. Where there are humans in competition, there’s toxicity.

  11. The elite controllers are the best ever made. Can’t wait to get my hands on an elite 2

  12. I switched from ps4 to xbox 1, and id never go back to a ps4 😁

  13. Theres toxic ppl on all platform trust me I own both ps4 and xbox and my buddy’s has a PC doesnt matter what system your on lol

  14. Am just going to leave this here so we can all get along.

  15. Ive just switched from ps4 to this beauty, Xbox one X hyperspace edition!! 😍🔥🔥

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