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WoW Classic Blacksmithing Trainer Locations


Ahh, Blacksmithing. One of World of Warcraft‘s most popular professions, no matter the expansion, including in WoW Classic.

Blacksmithing is one of the few professions that splits into specialties after Level 200. You can then choose to specialize in either Weaponsmithing or Armorsmithing. This is an important decision, as you cannot go back on your choice unless you unlearn Blacksmithing as a whole and start all over again.

Here, we’ll be touching on the locations of each trainer for both Alliance and Horde characters.

The level at which a trainer can train you is listed under their name in each instance. I don’t go into “Journeyman” or “Apprentice” or any of that here, since functionally, what matters is the level.

There is one neutral trainer, Brikk Keencraft, who can be found in Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale.

Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing can be picked up at skill Level 200, after having completed the requisite profession quests. After which, you’ll be sent on a quest to specialize in one or the other.

Alliance Blacksmithing Trainers


Horde Blacksmithing Trainers


Neutral Master Blacksmithing Trainer

Trainer Info Map Location
Brikk Keencraft
Blacksmithing 200~
Stranglethorn Vale


That’s it for World of Warcraft Classic‘s Blacksmith trainers, but we have plenty of other WoW Classic guides here on GameSkinny, as well as other profession trainer locations.


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